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Youtube's Lucy Wyndham-Read, My New Online Personal Trainer.

  I have started a new fitness routine, I have always loved keeping fit since my late twenty's till today, it's funny that when I was at school I hated sports or games as we call it here in the UK, I was always the last or second to last in a race and was never picked for any team I did however excel at Volley Ball (no idea why) and I was good at dance, but of course my school abandoned the volley ball team. at age thirteen, but I did do dance lessons from the age of seven till sixteen, I had  dreams of being a dancer on Top of the Pops, (yeah right).
 From about the age of 27 I started to workout to keep fit DVD's and they worked they really did, and I actually enjoyed it, I became pretty fit and had a nice little figure too,  but alas time has gone on and the years have gone by and by the time I was 35 I started to realize I couldn't do the DVD's that I was doing a few years back and was struggling to do any more that 20 mins each time, and eventually  I started to give up, I started to power walk which was much easier and fun to do, but now I am getting older my body shape is changing  and the walking workout is making me fit but not toning anything, and I have noticed flabby bits that just won't go (damn it). 

Lucy Wyndham-Read, Copyright Youtube.

  A lovely friend of mine mentioned that there is some stuff on You Tube and I should take a look, I did,just that, which one though, there is so many. I found a lovely lady called Lucy Wyndham-Read the link to her Youtube  channel is here Lucy Wyndham-Read. Youtube Channel.,  she is a British online trainer with over 25 years experience, she has lot's of workout's ranging from 5 minutes long to forty minutes long, targeting  different areas of the body, I like her walking workout program's they again range from seven minutes to thirty three minutes long, and they all have toning movements, I have been alternating between the fifteen-twenty minute workout's to the longer thirty three minute workout. For Lucy's walking workouts click here Walking work out's
   I like the fact that, there is no thumping  music and she talks you through each move, she also gives alternatives that are for beginners, and harder moves for the more experienced.  During the workout she gives you recipes and motivational tips, that gives you so much inspiration, that the workout is over and you haven't noticed you have done twenty minutes.
   If you want a friendly experienced online trainer, Lucy is great I would start off with her shorter programmes doing the easier exercises  and work your way up.   Her routines are mainly standing up, so no floor work, Yay!  which I have trouble with, so it's fantastic for me, Lucy explains you can still tome up your entire body and strengthen your core without the plank or sit ups which is fantastic for me. I was tempted to put up a before and after picture of myself but I am way to scared. I will of course dear readers let you know how I get on in a few weeks wish me luck. 

If you want to know more about Lucy check out her Youtube channel links are above or follow her on Instagram Lucy Wyndham-Read where you will find her recipes and motivational tips.


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