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I Went To Llangollen International Festival 6th July 2019

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 On Saturday 6th July 2019 I actually fulfilled a life long dream and I got to go to the Llangollen International festival. We all got up early and made our way to the beautiful town on Llangollen in North Wales. We parked the car very easily and parking was absolutely free, the weather unfortunately was not very Summary, it was overcast and a little on the cooler side but that was not going to dampen my excitement, as we walked from the car park to the field were the festival tent was situated, I could see an stunning array of colours and different cultures, a fantastic atmosphere loomed  over the town palpable excitement, so many smiling faces and lots of chatter in so many different languages, I have been coming to Llangollen since I was small but I had never seen the town looking like this before, I knew all the local land marks but for some reason I felt like I was somewhere else, another World were peace and happiness reign.

Performers Dancing on the main field.

 We took our seats around 10 am finding them very easily as everything was so well organised. The stage was surrounded by a sea of flowers all sorts of colours and a beautiful floral smell filled the venue. First was the singing competition singers from all over the world performed Sweden, Thailand, USA  all sang their hearts out for around ten to fifteen minutes each, singing three entertaining songs all in their own languages.

 Before we knew it, it was lunch time we decided to take a picnic, and stayed on the venue field were there were picnic areas to eat  our array of tasty treats. Tucking into our posh sandwiches and bucks fizz  which we prepared earlier, we all  having our heads turned by the array of performers in colourful costumes walking by our wooden picnic table. I did take a little walk around the field just to get some fresh air  and asked a gentlemen and a little boy if I could take their photographs, because I liked their costumes so much he was so shocked when I asked him and posed willingly.

This Gentleman  happy posed for a quick snap.

  The afternoon festivities were the dancing competition,  starting with India, then Ireland doing there very best, I looked at the audience and especially the children's faces their  eyes staring at the colourful stage with their mouths wide open and clapping along in time with the dancers. I think my favorite dancers were from Zimbabwe they were called Mothers Touch, they had a very natural smooth way of moving around the stage, they were so proud in what they were doing.

Choir from Sardinia in their national costume.

 The whole day was astonishing fantastic performance after fantastic performance  from start to finish we left at around 5.00 pm fully satisfied in what we had seen, heard and experienced, I was exhausted in my excitement I think the adrenaline was still pumping in my veins as  we got into the car, it was a privilege and an honor  to have been asked to attend and review the day. Myself  and my family enjoyed the experience immensely and will be defiantly returning next year. A fantastic dream come true.

If you would like to visit the Historic -town of Llangollen, here is a link to the official website

Here is the official link to the Festivals website Llangollen Eisteddfod


This is such an interesting event! I never knew anything like this was even a thing, it reminds me of my old Eisteddfod days a little bit haha. It looks like you had an absolute blast! Thanks for sharing. xx
El // Welsh Wanderer
Philomath said…
This seems nice event. Hope you enjoyed it and had a good memories there. Thanks for sharing it.

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