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My Obsession with Red Shoes.


                                        I was clearing out some boxes that were secretly stashed at the bottom of my wardrobe,  actually  I forgot about them.  There were about six of them, I wondered what was in each one,  I took them out and placed them on my bed in great anticipation of what I might find, I opened the first one and there was a lovely pair of red stilettos  that were about 15 years old, and I hadn't worn in ages, the second one were some flats,  third some pumps, all the boxes contained shoes of some style that I hadn't seen for an eternity. 
                                       Why have I kept all theses old shoes, I thought, when I hadn't worn any of them for years, all lined up I looked at them. Yes  they are all Red,  and  that's why I couldn't bear to part with any of them. 
                                       I had discarded all different colours and style's  down the years,    couldn't spot any of them,  not even in a line up, but these were my special collection, some you could wear today and  some absolutely  not.   Was it because each one  had a special significance?   No, I examined each one, it was the colour.  I thought about it and searched my brain for hours that evening,   it was  definitely  not my obsession  with the film the Wizard of Oz,  but my darling  Mother bought me a pair of red shinny shoes when I was 8, I loved them so much, I would have slept in them.    Since then if I buy some new shoes my eyes always goes to the red ones even before the style, or if I like the style I will always ask do you have them in Red?




Lorena Pertici said…
Thank you cool aren't they. ☺
Unknown said…
Interesting post! For me it's black. I don't know why but when I see pretty pair of black heels I just have to buy them. I guess we all have one color that just out does it all.
Unknown said…
Hey! I am really big fan of red. colour. I love shoes and I have a lot of them. Mostly in red ☺️! As you said my eyes looking only for red colour when I buy shoes 👠

Mimi Prentice said…
Me too I understand the eyes going straight for the red ones X
Mimi Prentice said…
I also like a good pair of black heels, they are a classic must. X
Sarah said…
I am exactly the same way with shoes, and the color red!
Mimi Prentice said…
Kindred Spirits X
I felt the same way about my red flats! I just had to have them even though they were too big. I finally donated them and I hope someone loves them as much as I did!
Unknown said…
Can totally relate to Red shoe love 👠♥️Great post.
Mimi Prentice said…
Oh what a lovely thing to do I have one pair that is too tight, and I still wear then, even though I know I shouldn't. X
mittali said…
Nice one. I too love red shoes. I have three of them.
Mimi Prentice said…
Brilliant keep buying them we need to stick together x

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