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Guest Post, How To Get Free Beauty Products by Hannah at Frugal Bride To Be.

Hi! I’m Hannah and I blog about saving money and living frugally over at I am currently saving up for our house and wedding so every penny that I can save helps!

Beauty products are one of those things that most of us will use on a daily basis, be it shampoo, toothpaste, makeup or skin care. None of these are exactly cheap and some of them really can set you back a small fortune!

The latest Game of Thrones palette by Urban Decay for example, is still on sale for over £40 which is just crazy talk to me….

Now, what if told you that you could actually get your hands on quite a few beauty products without having to spend a penny? Yes, you read that right – you can get products for FREE

But how…?

There are absolutely loads of places that you can get free beauty products if you know where to look and aren’t afraid to speak to a few people. Some of these you can even do without leaving your sofa as well!

Now, I’m not saying you’re going to get full sized products – the majority of these will be sample sizes but to me that just has an added bonus:

They allow you to try out a new product or brand without having to purchase the full size which will save you loads
Small enough to fit in your bag while you are travelling – I love perfume samples and often take a couple of these with me if I’m going for a meal or evening out.
You can easily mix up your routine without having cupboards full of half used bottles and tubes

So, where to start

I first started getting the majority of my freebies from websites and promotional events that brands hold

Facebook ads are a really good source of freebies – follow a brands page, click on the little ‘i’ button and see if they have any active ads running. Sometimes these will pop up in your timeline as sponsored posts as well…

My favourite websites for finding beauty samples are:
latest free stuff

Most of these will just ask for a couple of details including your name, address and email. As a rule of thumb if it asks for your mobile number I normally avoid it.

In store freebies

Most makeup counters will have freebies and samples that they will give out to customers in store to help promote their items. Sometimes you have to be a bit brazen and ask for them, don’t expect to get loads, and don’t complain if they don’t have any. Just accept it and carry on.

If you are making a purchase for some goods anyway then it’s always worth asking if they have any samples or gifts with purchase. Lots of brands will run several ‘gift with purchase’ offers and some of these can retail at almost £70!

Loyalty rewards

Get yourself loyalty cards for the stores that you buy your cosmetics and toiletries. Debenhams, Boots, and Superdrug all have their own loyalty cards with different perks. You collect points on all of them but you can also get extra benefits including:

Free samples every month (Debenhams)
Exclusive discounts and offer prices (Superdrug)
Exclusive vouchers and discounts (Boots)
Free brow wax and facial for your birthday (Debenhams)

Your points will generally accumulate and then give you vouchers and money off future spends in store.

In store offers and discounts

Most stores have promotional events throughout the year so if you time it right you shouldn’t ever have to pay full price for the products that you want. This is especially the case with high street make up brands – Boots 3 for 2 offer I’m looking at you!

A lot of high street retailers will also offer free gifts with your purchase when you buy selected products. At the time of writing Boots have an offer on their No 7 range where you get a free gift worth £29 including mascara, eye pencil, lip cream and facial spf with any purchase (the cheapest item is only £6)

I could go on…

Yep, believe it or not I really could… these tips should help you to get on the freebie journey and hopefully you’ll find yourself being introduced to loads of new products that you either didn’t know existed or just simply couldn’t afford before.

I’d love to know if anyone manages to get any freebies so if you do why not comment below or tag me over on Instagram here

If you’d like to know more about how to get free products, feel free to contact me and I can go into more details!


Sarah Winton said…
These are such good tips! Who doesn't love free make-up??

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