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Is Wolf Whistling Sexual Harassment?

  The subject of wolf whistling can be a tricky one to discuss, is it harmless fun or is it a mild form of sexual harassment,  do you find it offensive? Are you being to sensitive? |Do you enjoy the attention? Or when you hear that little noise does it fill you with horror? 

  Myself personally I think it's a mild form of sexual harassment, I want to tell you all a true story, something that happened to me when I was 15. In the last four months of my secondary school life, I used to walk to school, about a 20 minute walk, the same route I took for five years, in all weathers.  in the spring time, houses were being built at the end of my road, and builders were working hard, when one day walking home from school, one of the builders wolf whistled at me, I went bright red and put my head down and ignored it. the next day in the morning the same thing happened and I did the same thing head down and embarrassed   this went on for three weeks in the morning to school and when home time came.  It was really getting on my nerves. Then one day the blonde haired builder that seemed to be the loudest out of the group shouted in front of his work mates  he liked my boobs, well he said it cruder than that.  I wrapped my coat around my body and tried to make myself smaller I wanted the ground to open up, I was mortified.

  The next day in the morning as I walked past them, they were discussing openly and loudly about my backside and the way I walked. I put my head down and rushed past them.  I dreaded the walk home from school all day I kept thinking about it. and got very anxious each day.
  I told my best friend what was happening, and she told me to tell them off and ask them to stop, I couldn't do that I was way to shy. about a week later I got so fed up I lost my temper and told them to "shut up" and I am 15 and in a school uniform, I really thought they would leave me alone after my outburst, but when I walked home at 3.30 pm, they were all singing when are you sixteen love, I was so upset and humiliated I wanted to cry. the harassment continued for about another two weeks, then one day after school I was walking past and they were shouting the same filth at me, when my best friends Mum who  was walking a little further behind me, she heard it all and reported them.  Hence to say they never bothered me again soon the houses were finished  and  they were gone.

    I don't know why they targeted me, they knew I was walking to school and I was underage. That didn't stop them.   I think it was more of a pack mentality and showing off in front of their work mates, but the harassment got worse when I stood up for myself it  got more vicious. Why?     I will never fully understand, I did nothing other than be female and was walking past.  I am a lot older now and times have changed. I think. What started off as "harmless wolf whistling"   turned into a three month nightmare.   I am hoping that times really are different now, well I hope they are.

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Renee said…
I'm so sorry you had to go through that! Especially as a 15 year old!! They should all be ashamed of themselves! <3

Renee @ Maritime Mama
Erica said…
No. I do not find it offensive. I just walk away pretending I did not hear anything.. To me it is whistle is too small of a thing to get excited about.
Laura Buckley said…
I think this is exactly the problem - sure a wolf whistle in and of itself is 'harmless', just a little irritating. But as a woman walking alone, when a guy wolf whistles at me I immediately brace for what could follow. Is this the type of guy who might get nasty if I ignore him, calling me names or even following me down the street? If I don't ignore him, should I say something antagonistic and risk provoking him? Or do I just laugh it off and risk encouraging him to think we're in on some joke together? It's a complete minefield.

An interaction that lasts less than a second to some guy, who might whistle and then immediately forget about it, can result in a spike of anxiety that takes a lot longer than a second to subside.
Mimi Prentice said…
Thank you hun X
Mimi Prentice said…
Thank you so much for this comment Laura, , You are so right, and spot on.. X

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