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How To Survive Your Younger Years.

Nineteen years old one of my first modelling shots, not retouched  I chose this photo because if you look at my left eye I have a slight squint that can be seen, it  was picked up on whenever  I tried for jobs. It made me feel self conscious and really knocked myself esteem..

What age would you go back to?   Sixteen, Eighteen, your early twenty's?  I personally think that there is a huge difference between 16 and 24 not just in numbers but in life.  I am writing this post because I have seen a lot of younger people struggling and it has made me very sad and I some what know what they are going through,  of course everybody's situation is different  we all have different lives and family situations and a different set of problems.
 I am no expert on mental health I would never dare, I am only writing from my own point of view and my own struggles  when I was younger.  When I have talked to several younger people, lately my heart breaks for them I remember the self esteem issues that I had as a teenager, the fear I felt when sitting my GCSE exams, and leaving school was terrifying I didn't want to grow up it was scary, I wanted to hang out with my friends get drunk and snog boys, I knew that I couldn't do that I had to study I had to get a job and I had to work hard because I  was  growing up.
  I  wrote an earlier post entitled Why did I Hate Myself So Much  which I explained how much I hated my looks,  I struggled with my self esteem and I had anxiety.  I was very attached to my family, I grew up in a very large Italian family, were I was protected and very loved, but I knew I couldn't relay on them all the time, so stepping out into the big bad world for the first time is scary. and for a shy 16 year old it's terrible, I felt very pressured to get my exams, even though my Mother said "do your best", to get a part time job and to stop being jealous of  Sharon Davies who lived around the corner she was slim had lovely Blonde hair and fancied my boyfriend, I could never keep up with her, it's only as a older female I realise she must have had the same insecurities  as myself only I didn't know it then.
  |With the invention of social media these days, I think life is much tougher for  this generation  the strive for perfection is an impossible dream that will never be achieved, unfortunately. Live your best life do what my old Mum says and live your best life, I have given these words of advice out in the last few weeks, but I am not sure they have gotten through.
  Life does get tougher as you get older, but you evolve into an adult slowly there is no need to rush it or worry about it, it happens to you naturally, and you will cope, you really do and at times you will surprise yourself about  how strong you can be. I promise.  If you need medical help go and seek it, mental health is no longer the stigma that it used to be, and there is lots of help available if you just ask.  I hope my words might bring some comfort to those who are struggling and just say you are not alone.

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What was your best age?

The Girl With The Jet Black Hair.


Cynthia said…
To me, 16 is the toughest age. I also struggled with self-esteem and anxiety when I was that age. There's so much pressure, both academically and socially..
I'd say my best age was 10. My worst ages were 14 and 23.
Karalee said…
This is a wonderful post! By the end of high school, I felt like everyone was expected to know what they wanted to do with the rest of their life like what college they were going to & what career they wanted. It puts a lot of pressure on you if you don't know what you want to do. Then like you mentioned with social media, you see everyone living their best life & it can make you feel horrible. But that's why it's important to not compare yourself to others & know that it's okay to take time to figure things out.

Tales of Belle
I think my best age is 15 and worst is 10 as I did not have a school to go due to an examination that I could not sit. However after 18, there were many bad years. Life was horrible with jobs, higher studies, etc...
But life is going on like a river. We cant stop and we have to face it. Thats the challenge we have till the death. Good luck... Have a great life journey ahead.. :)
Mimi Prentice said…
Thank you I'm so glad you liked it.
Mimi Prentice said…
So agree, I think 16 was also my toughest year that transition after you leave school. XX
Mimi Prentice said…
So much difference between those ages, you grow up so much.

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