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Climate Change Tips, What You Can Do To Help.

  With all the talk about climate change, and all the protests in London at the moment, I wanted to do a little research about it, of course I have heard of climate change, since the late eighties, when I first heard of the term The Ozone Layer, we did learn a little about it, but to be truthful it never really went any further than that.  But lately with all the talk around I have been thinking very carefully about this planet we have borrowed to live on.
  I have done a lot of reading on the subject  in the last week and have been surprised how many things I can do to help climate change I  have decided to adopt some if not all of them for myself, some I already have done without realising that I had.  Can you imagine if all of us do our bit for the planet we might be able to save so much of it for future generations. Here are my tips, can you help?

1,  Start walking more, it's good for your mind and your body, I already do  this I walk everywhere I can.

2, Don't drink bottled water, Landfills are already full of plastic bottles, use the tap.

3,  Recycle Recycle Recycle, as much as you can it really does make a difference.

4,  Turn off taps when you brush your teeth, don't keep it running. I do this too you get used to it.

5,  Unplug electronic devices when not in use, I was surprised by this one, about  a quarter of all residential energy consumption is used by devices in idle power mode.

6,  Design your work space, around natural light, we all know how daylight is good for mental health.

7,  Recycle your clothes, I have been doing this for years.

8,  Recycle your furniture.

9,  Insulate your home, Double glazing, loft insulation, cavity wall and simple draught excluders. Good for environment and our pockets too..

10,    Change light bulbs, Quality LED light bulbs can last 25 times longer, and use 75% less energy than other bulbs.

11,  Wash your clothes in cold water, it removes stains to.

12,  Put your clothes outside to dry, if you can't always like here in the UK, use dryer balls when you can.

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Nyxie said…
I've never heard of dryer balls before, so I'm going to have to look into this!

Wonderful tips here to help us save the planet. I've been looking for more ways to try and be more sustainable, so you've definitely helped me there :)

- Nyxie
Mimi Prentice said…
I hope I helped, Thanks for your comment X
Unknown said…
I think it is important for everyone to remember that their efforts, however small, all add up and can make a big difference! If only more people would pitch in!
Mimi Prentice said…
So agree, a little goes a long way. X
Some great ideas! I do a lot of these already, but I really need to not leave my laptop plugged in all the time. Thank you very much for sharing (and for caring - as you know, not everyone does) <3
Mimi Prentice said…
That's why I shared tips that everyone can do, thanks for your comment. X

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