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Do We Ever Get Over Nasty Childhood Comments.

Do We Get Over Nasty Childhood Comments? In my own opinion I don't think we do, we remember  them even when we grow older, I have learnt to live with mine, but I very much still remember them, they don't affect my life, but when I think back to them, a little tinge of sadness and hurt still possesses me.   I was never badly bullied, but I would say that I was picked on a lot because I looked a lot different than everyone in my class and friends, I grew up in North Wales, in the eighties, where everyone in my class surname's where either, Jones, Evans or Davies so I stuck out like a sore thumb, my family were from Italy and I had a funny surname, so I am sure you could imagine the jokes that were at my expense Pizza, pasta and all that but the best one they came up with is being sung Just One Cornetto at me, any one remember that bloody advert?  that was just some of it, it also didn't help that once I was tall, I was the second tallest girl in my school, and I deve…

The Girl With The Jet Black Hair.

The Statue in the garden bare, with life and love and nothing there.
Oh, how she wishes he could see how much she needs the company,
 With life and love in his lifeless glare, she just stares and stares.

Walking through the messy house, with disruption and shouting loud
She cannot wait to run to her  childhood playground, with fun and laughter
and children around.

Sweetness and light and all sugar and spice, how her life was much simpler then
not the harshness and trouble and strife.
My how her life has changed, tired eyes and tired face.

Looking in the mirror, she does not recognise herself, same hair and same smile
but with dead eyes looking back, how sad, why can't things stay the same why do they have to change.
Don't laugh when I say I can't, don't stare when I say  I don't care.

Please let the sun come in and sit warmly on my face, let me feel the heat.
I am so sick of this cold dark place.
I will rise above, floating around in clouds higher and higher above…

Don't Piss Off The Blogger.

This is a post I wanted to write for a while, but wasn't sure if I was going  to, I wanted to share some of my wisdom on the not so great points on being a blogger. I didn't want anyone to read this and think well she has only been doing this for just seven month's what does she know, she has a long way to go, I just wanted to write about some early experiences of being a new blogger and the not so good point's.
       Don't get me wrong if you are reading this I love writing my blog posts and communicating with all my readers and maybe my up and coming ones,hint hint.  I am talking about some of the things I have learnt   on my brand new journey.   If I could share a little of my experiences so far or if you who have a blog of your own who have had similar experiences as  myself.
       I work so hard on each post, when I write I really do think about what I am saying, I want to be as sincere  as I can on each one, but I do re read them several times over as I…

Why Did I Hate Myself So Much?

When I look back on my life, and think about all the situations the  good and bad  that I have lived through and dealt with like everyone else does, I know, I am braver now than I have ever been before, I am not sure why,  may be it's age, experience or wisdom or all three, in fact I know it's age, things that affected me before like the little dirty look some stupid girl gave me in the pub toilet to being told off for something silly by a boss, it just doesn't affect me like it used to, looking back I hated myself the way I looked,  I was too fat compared to everyone else, I hated my dark hair it was thick and fizzy and took hours to dry, I thought I was so fat, I had boobs and a bum my hips were to wide, my legs were to fat,  I could have gone on all night finding faults with myself.
         The real problem I  had very low self esteem, I was shy and I unassuming and if someone gave me any attention I would have ran away, I often thought that in relationships with m…

The Multi Tasking Blogger.

          Photo Taken By My Good Friend

     Now that December has gone, and we are well and truly into another month and a brand new year, now that I had a little rest from the blog, I can now say I am well and truly "on it" as they say. Even when us bloggers and content creators are "resting" we are still working, thinking of new idea's, spotting things to photograph on our everyday travels, our  minds and ideas never stop. I carry a little note book with me to write down any ideas, that come into my head, in case I forget them.
    My blog is now nearly  seven months old and I have had such a good time, I have learnt so much on the way, I have learnt a new style of writing, how to use social media correctly, send e-mails to companies for influencer jobs how to use a blogger programme  etc etc so many strings to my bow, I am still learning every day and I feel like the blog is still transitioning, I have talked to so many lovely bloggers who I admire greatly …

Help, I Got Lost In A Maze.

Its been so cold the last few days, all I wanted to do stay indoors and keep warm, but No I decided with my loved one to go out for the day, "Lets go to a Maze" I said "What the F......." was the reply "Why?" was the next reply.  I found a stately home I wanted to go and see I love seeing them, makes me feel like I am in Downton Abbey, another time, another world.
   So we packed up the car put on two jumpers my big coat hat scarf and gloves, and off we went. It was freezing cold, what the hell were thinking, I have been to one maze before but but it was little and yes, you could see over the top what is the point of that, but this one there is no way you could see over the top, I was actually nervous and a excited, then I thought what if we can't get out, how embarrassing, would that be. We went around the gardens first which were stunning even on a cold January day.  But the hour had finally come the dreaded maze, with fear and treperdation we st…


Well it had to be done didn't it!  I have seen so many YouTube posts saying Vloganuary I am going to do my own Bloganuary and why not I hear you say.  It's really a little post about my goals for 2019, I don't want to bore you with my diet and exercise goals but I will he he.  It's what my Bloganuary is all about so lets start with excersie   I do a power walk everyday about 20 mins or so and the workout with a YouTube fitness expert, but as from today I am doing the 50 mins workout with the trainer and not the 30 min one. I have pigged out over Christmas and I looked in the mirror and I have bloody spots not a lot a couple of big one's and a few little one's, I know they are what I call my Chocolate and Cheese spots.
        The Chocolate  tub is nearly empty the only ones left are the coconut one's and the ones with nuts left in which I hate. So everyone now knows who's been at the chocs, Guilty. I do have some cheese left but no more crackers yipee,…

New Year Revolutions

I don't usually make New Year resolutions because I usually can't stick to them, and neither does anyone else in my experience, now Christmas is over and people look like they have been well and truly stuffed like a Turkey, I find it sad and cleansing at the same time.   I went for a power walk today and sat on the bench by the lake in our local park and  thought, I have never seen so many people walking and jogging trying to ease their guilty conscience  from stuffing their faces and drinking to much over the last couple of weeks, I always find New Year rather sad, because the old year is going and being put to history, and a memory in one's own mind, but you are supposed to look forward to the New Year for some reason, this year I am slightly nervous about doing that, will it be more of the same or will it be the best year ever for me, I don't know,  but I know I have twelve months to find out. Will I be sitting at the computer writing,  feeling the same apprehen…