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New Year. New Me

Hi my darlings, I hope you all had a good Christmas, mine was up and down Christmas Eve was a scream it was so busy, Christmas Day was the usual festivities with the family I banged into some old friend's and had a unexpected  good chat with which was fun,  I have eaten far to much, and there is still two boxes of biscuits  yule logs and a big tub of Celebrations chocolates with my name on it. no,  only joking, I have been good though and have been taking long walks and still working out. Yay me.  But for some reason I feel so incredibly  tired does anyone else feel the same, loads of people are telling me they feel the same.

    Well yesterday was my little Brothers birthday, he is 14 months  younger than me and he tells me that he will never be as old as me, it's been a life long joke, but we had fun anyway,  but for some reason I feel very tired and all high on too much sugar, there was nothing on television, so I did watch some really good films but old ones, I thi…

Christmas Sale, Silk Bedding Direct.

This post contains advertising links.
                  Merry Christmas Everyone, I do hope you are having a great time, I just thought I would let you all  know that the lovely people at Silk Bedding Direct have a sale on until the 30th December, and you are entitled to an 15% Discount on their wonderful products, just go to the check out and click on the small link that says I have a gift voucher or promo code and type in PARTY15. 

I don't know  about you but I long for a good nights sleep, not only do I like  soft  and beautiful bedding,  the correct  pillows are a huge part of what I call the night time experience you have to feel comfortable and have your head and neck in the correct position to get a good night sleep.
 I received a lovely surprise delivered to me, my new mulberry silk hypoallergenic pillow from Silk Bedding Direct, Here is the link   I was surprised at how large it was, it came with a wonderful soft carry and store case, I opened the zip of the case and a l…

Dear Santa...................

Dear Santa.............
   I have been as good as I can be this year I have worked hard and have been a good Daughter Sister and Friend, I have tried my best not to be naughty and tried to be a generous and kind soul,  treating my fellow human and animals with kindness and respect, I hope you have been proud of me, even when people have not been so kind in return, I have done my best to see the good in them, and ignored their bad behaviour as them having a bad day.
   I have on occasion lost my kindness just for a second, but always tried to stick to what I promised I would do at the start of 2018,  my year has been up and down dear Santa, I have worked hard at my job and have started a very new project that I work so hard on and hope to build bigger in 2019, I have my wonderful  readers who stick by me and support me, and I am as proud of them as I hope they are of me.
      Lets hope Santa that next year will be a much better one than the last, and everyone will find peace and love…

Have You Been Naughty Or Nice, Warning I Have Been Naughty.

It nearly that time of year everyone when Father Christmas will finally arrive drunk driving a sleigh from all the sherry and mince pies the little  children leave out for him, so I have decide to comply a naughty or nice list I wonder if I sit on Santa's lap and tell him what I would like for Christmas if he would actually give it to me.  I have been a bit naughty on this post my lovely readers I felt like cheering myself up on this very cold December day with a Winter storm going on outside. So Here Goes.

1, I have told some lies mostly small, but a couple of whoppers to get me out of a couple of things, come on we've all done it 😈 Don't lie.

2, I have played a couple of tricks on a couple of people, and they fell for it, and what's great is they still don't know.

3, When I went to do the washing a couple of months ago my lovely man's horrid tea shirt you know the one girls the one you really really hate and he keeps damn wearing the one that looks like a…

Christmas Conversations and Coffee

I had the day off today and decided to brave the city, to do some extra Christmas shopping, I asked my friend if she wanted to come with me, she jumped at the chance, I didn't want to leave it too late into December and I wanted to avoid the crowds as well, I couldn't, it was so crowded with Christmas shoppers, it's like the whole world has gone mad, or Christmas Zombie's as I joked with my friend, I was tired after last night, I, dear readers went baby sitting for my Sister who went to a work's Christmas party with her Husband tis the season don't you know, so I came back a bit late and had to be up early this morning, so I have been yawning most of the day,  so first thing  I did with my good friend is stop by the nearest  coffee shop as soon as we got into the city and stuffed our faces with a full English and had two delicious  coffee's  it was yummy but I was stuffed and ended up waddling around the shops like ducks, quack.

   I did quite well i…

Christmas Special, December's Bath, Bed And Beyond.

Hi all, I haven't really done a gift guide this year, I have decided to continue my bath bed and beyond series which I love seeking out, I have chosen three items that are my  favourite at the moment, one Bathroom related, one Bed related and a beyond that could be anything I choose. Enjoy.


For a very stressful time of year Sanctuary Spar my favourite brand, could so do with this right now.  


Found this lovely candle, I love scented candles they make the room so nice and cosy.  I got these items both from Superdrug.  Link is here Superdrug.


I have so fallen in love with this Ted Baker Chemise I just love the colours, I wanted something A little less Christmasy  and a bit more sexy. You can find it here.Ted Baker Chemise.  

You can read some older posts from the  bath bed and beyond series  from earlier in the year Here.

Autumn bath bed and beyond

Bath Bed and Breakfast.

The Christmas Decorations are up, Watching The Breakfast Club For The First Time.

I was feeling rubbish yesterday afternoon time of the month girls you know what I mean, and some excited person said "Lets put the Christmas decorations up"  like the big child he is I said "OK" I usually put Christmas carols on and spend a good few hours decorating the tree, and the rest of the rooms , but I just couldn't get excited, so out came the big boxes from the shed, I looked at them on the table  and thought were the hell do I start.  Little by little the tree went up but my tree has to be secured because  I have two cats who love Christmas tree's,  last year it went on the floor twice when I came down in the morning,   I put on my new red and white wooden decorations I had made they look so nice, but I couldn't help my mood I just couldn't get excited may be I need a kick up the arse.       It took us, what I mean is me four hours to do 2 rooms three sets of lights did not work so I have spent £45.00 on new lights last night somet…

Christmas Cooking, Chocolate Yule Log Recipe.

I love cooking at this time of year, I don't know why, but I get quite excited about it, so  this morning I deiced to go off to the shops and buy ingredients to make a chocolate yule log I make one every year and have done so since I was a teenager, you can buy them in the shops ready made, but there is nothing like a home baked one. I have made one now and I will make another  one closer to the big day itself because I don't think that the one I made above will last that long. So here is the recipe have fun.
3 Eggs  85g caster sugar 85g plain flour 2tbsp cocoa powder half a tsp of baking powder
for the filling and icing
50g butter 140g  dark chocolate 1 tbsp golden syrup 284ml double cream 200g icing sugar
Method Heat oven to gas mark 6,  grease a square swiss roll tin and line with baking paper, beat 3 eggs in a bowl together with the sugar, with a whisk for about 8 mins until thick and creamy.
Mix the flour and cocoa powder together the sift onto egg mixture and with a m…

The Magic Of December.

I sat on the bus today  the weather was warmer but cold at the same time, what I mean by that is I was freezing in the house, but when I stepped outside it was suspiciously warm, how did that happen.  I on the other hand dressed like the beast from the East was about to strike, I had some very funny looks not to mention the bus had it's heating on full I couldn't wait to get off it.
        The reason I was on the bus my dear readers was I was going in to town to buy a birthday present and card and perhaps a little Christmas shopping while I was there,. my lovely nephew will be fourteen by the time you read this today, I can't believe how big he has gone I still remember kicking Autumn leaves around with him in the park  now he's a teenager with a breaking voice a young man in the making I am so proud of him.  I know he likes cars and Harry Potter so I will have a look around for that, I have seen some lovely Christmas outfits in the shop windows, but I couldn'…

December Wish List. And My Date Night Update.

1st of  December has arrived and to me this time of year Winter has really begun, yesterday I bought some beautiful  Red and White wooden ornaments I found for my tree in a  lovely craft shop, the Lady that  owns it makes them buy hand, so I ordered 8 different shapes I thought they were so beautiful, she will ring me when they are ready to pick up, I will show you all here when they are ready. The town is really looking so festive and now I have changed my calendar, I am starting to feel that Christmas vibe excitement ever so slightly starting to creep in, while I was walking around town  I thought of a another topic for my blog my December wish list I try not to do the boggy thing, but now and again it  won't do any harm. and I will update you on how my Romantic Date Night went.

So here is my wish list.

1, I want a brilliant Christmas tree, every year I am jealous of the stunning trees everyone has, I always have good intentions, and I plan it shall I use  tinsel or not, shal…