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My Fantastic Bonfire Night Party.


    Hi how was your weekend, mine was good, I went to a great fireworks party last night with my special one and some family and friends, I usually don't like the fire works so much, but this one was really cool, they had more of the pretty fireworks rather than those awful big bang one's you know the one's,  they are so loud you think a war has started. It wasn't that cold but it did start to rain a little, which was a shame it didn't ruin the atmosphere, but the party still went on,  I bought with me the tomato soup I made earlier in the day see my earlier post Bonfire night treats you will find the recipe here, we had it in big earthly mugs outside with some home made bread my friend  made the bread it tasted so delicious, it was so good by the bonfire.  People really liked it, they must have done because it all went very quickly.

      Sorry guys I had no make up on,  I promised Mr Special that I would put the picture's up on the blog.

   It was so nice to be with my family and friends  chatting and watching the really pretty fireworks, I think it is nice to get together, we live such busy lives that we forget to take time out and just truly relax.   I really liked  the sparkly fireworks  ones that go up and twinkle like little star's when they, the nosy ones can stay  in the box.
I took some photo's but it's so hard to take photo's of the fire works so sorry for the poor quality. I only  had my phone on me so I did my best. I only got one good of the fireworks the rest were shit.

      The start of the evening the children was so excited that they were noisy but well behaved I was so proud of them,  they did as they were told because they knew that fireworks could be dangerous mishandled.   When the display started their  little faces pointed towards the dark sky with their mouths open in wonderment, you can't put money on that, their reactions you couldn't buy that, I think it's a wonderful part of life.  I love this time of year there is something special about the Autumn celebrations.   I hope you all had a happy and safe time what ever you did. Mimi 💋

                                                Pictures of me were taken by Mr Special.


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