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I'm In Love I Found A Wonderful Website.

 You know that feeling everyone, when you get to a a certain age, when you just can't spring out of bed like a spring chicken, I had a really deep sleep last night I really needed it,  but when you have a deep sleep and you haven't moved for a while I woke up with some back ache, you know  when your body decides what is going to hurt today.
   I looked around my bedroom and thought I need a nice new bed, I want something stylish and comfortable but affordable to. I went out for lunch with a friend that day and mentioned to her about my poor aching back, and that I would love to buy a new bed but I want a nice clean  modern looking one because my very own prehistoric bed was on it's last legs, she said "have you looked online they have some lovely one's without breaking the bank",  I was very intrigued,  so I sat by my fire with a  warm cup of tea in one hand and a plate with chocolate biscuits on my little table next to me and came across this website  they have some terrific stuff  with good deals and vouchers and freebies too.  I found a bed that I have fallen in love with, The Corona 5 ft King Size Bed, it's made from pine and has a distressed waxed finish, it would look lovely and match my furniture exactly, what a find.

I scrolled down through the very interesting web page and I found some lovely Items for my Fur Babies, my beautiful Cats Binkey and Princess,  now it's getting very cold  my cat's are getting cold and are reluctant to go outside so I found a  Luxury Cat Bed  it goes on your radiator and has a washable cover I will have two please.  So I have my indoor luxury for my baby Princess sorted for the Winter,  but they do like to stay outdoor's  and watch all the birdies fly by  so I have found something wonderful for them both to sit in and relax  a Cat Cave, they would be so snugly in there and of course they are Sister's  and they don't want to share so I need double. They will be the Royalty of the area. Or double trouble as they are known in my house.

  I love this site because of the bargains and deals that they share the site works off affiliate links so you can get the best of the web for you money, why pay more for your goods when someone can get the good deal for you. They are a friendly company who's number 1 priority is to save you money. Go on take a look,  you will find them here just click the link and get a surprise bargain, go on you know you want to. Happy Shopping.  Mimi 💋

                                             Binkey And Princess Say Thank You.


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  I have done a lot of reading on the subject  in the last week and have been surprised how many things I can do to help climate change I  have decided to adopt some if not all of them for myself, some I already have done without realising that I had.  Can you imagine if all of us do our bit for the planet we might be able to save so much of it for future generations. Here are my tips, can you help?

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