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How To Overcome Writers Block.

 I decided sitting here on this very grey Tuesday afternoon that  I could  have sworn that I just heard thunder, but it could be a helicopter passing over I'm not to sure.  Yes I have my dear readers a little bit of writers block, this is the fist time since I started this blog this has happened to me, I have lots of idea's in my head, but getting them down  into a post is another story  I carry around with me a little book and pen and when any idea's come into my head as fast as I can I write them down, and refer back in the future  I have written this blog title three times and deleted it and started again with a different subject, has this ever happened to you my dear one's, when you just can't settle on the one idea, because you have to many little one's in your head, how did you over come it? I find when I start writing it just flows and I don't get stuck, when I start I start and I seem to get to the end.
     I really enjoy writing I always have done since I was little, I always had my head in a book or a pen in my hand, my Mother had to prize me away to come and set the dinner table it used to drive her mad. I have  in the past written a screen play in my early twenty's it was a pilot episode of a comedy that I had submitted to TV  production company who wanted to meet me, but that was years ago and another story. I also wrote song lyrics for a few amateur band's, and edited a fanzine for a very well known band who are no longer together.  I always worry about what people think of my blog and if I am writing about subjects people want to hear  about I have had some great feed back but still those insecurities  pop my head up from time to time.  I do write a little about my personal life now and again, I just hope it doesn't bore people. So I decided to write my five tips on how I  combat writers block when you have it.

1  I  power walk most days and I do it in the fresh air that's when I find my blog post Idea's come into my head as soon as I get home out comes my little book and orange pen and I write them down.

2   Just sit there I find I open my lap top and put my hands on the keys I start to write, thing's usually start flowing and then I can't stop.

3 Try to find a quite space with no one else talking. Sometimes I do put music on in the background. But other's talking is terrible for me, my head gets jumbled

4 Try not to write if you are tired you might come out with something you never meant to write in the first  place. And you may rush your post and it will read like it's rushed.

5 Always and I mean always re read what you have written I do it out loud it sounds so much clearer if you do that.


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