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Date Night Friday........

I haven't written a fashion post for a while so today is the day I am sitting here cup of tea in my hand, I was lovingly informed last night that I was going on a date night tonight Friday I don't usually go out on a Friday night but I can always make an exception, I have been told to dress smart but not posh I am not being told were we are going,  I am half excited and half nervous, and looking forward to my magical mystery tour.  So I have been looking for date night outfits, and here are my choices.

I have looked at Next evening wear collection, I have found a gorgeous purple sequined tea shirt it comes in several different colours.  Here is the link from there website Next Online

     I would team this will these smart black trousers.

  I would not wear a necklace because the sequins on the top are enough around the neck, I would go for  a statement earing  like these  stunning purple drop earrings.   They are from eshkol.  Who have a stunning collection.  You find them…

The Great British Christmas Countdown Has Officially Begun.

I  woke up this morning and stretched out in my lovely warm bed, and switched on the TV, it was a little early and still very dark outside, so I thought a little breakfast TV might be in order, you don't really watch breakfast TV do you,  but I will have it on in the background, after ten minutes I had that overwhelming sense of guilt, like I am awake and can't just lie here, so I decided to kick of the covers and put my feet on the floor, my God it was so cold, what the hell I ran to the bathroom and that little panic began who didn't set the heating to come on Bastards, well I ran down the stairs and pushed the switch, the house clicked and the thaw out officially had begun.
  After I got dressed and ready to venture out, when the hell did it get so damn cold it was pouring with rain outside and freezing rain at that, Winter is so here I thought I bought a new glove and hat set at the weekend that is really going on today, I  walked past the calendar and realised it&#…

Being Welsh and Italian, How Confusing.

Me a few years ago now, did a tiny bit of modelling I was rubbish.

Hi all, how have you all been? Sorry I haven't written many personal blog posts lately, I have had some interesting work on as you can read in the earlier three blog posts, they were so fun to do, and very good experience for me, I had never done any sponsored  posts before and was honoured to be asked to do them.  I also had a lot of family commitments last week that took up a lot of my time, so the personal side of my blog I know has been slightly lacking, I wanted to write a post yesterday  to be published today but I had a hell of a migraine from lunch time for most of the day and the thought of sitting in front of a computer screen was a non starter.
  So I am back my lovely ones and I would like to write about a personal subject that I have had in my head for a while, and a post I have wanted to write but never knew how to put into words. So here goes, I am sure that regular readers of my blog might have work…

I Love My New Mulberry Silk Pillow. From Silk Bedding Direct.

This post contains advertising links.
                  Merry Christmas Everyone, I do hope you are having a great time, I just thought I would let you all  know that the lovely people at Silk Bedding Direct have a sale on until the 30th December, and you are entitled to an 15% Discount on their wonderful products, just go to the check out and click on the small link that says I have a gift voucher or promo code and type in PARTY15. 

I don't know  about you but I long for a good nights sleep, not only do I like  soft  and beautiful bedding,  the correct  pillows are a huge part of what I call the night time experience you have to feel comfortable and have your head and neck in the correct position to get a good night sleep.
 I received a lovely surprise delivered to me, my new mulberry silk hypoallergenic pillow from Silk Bedding Direct, Here is the link   I was surprised at how large it was, it came with a wonderful soft carry and store case, I opened the zip of the case and a l…

My Mama's Eighty Third Birthday Weekend, And I Am So Tired.

Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days I had a very very busy four days, just wanted to check in to tell you all how my Mum's Birthday weekend went, it was up and down I did make the roast dinner what a fiasco that was I had all my perfect thoughts in my head, got my extra large organic chicken out of the freezer Saturday night, but the temperature really dropped during the evening and night and guess what I had a frozen bird on my hand, it was solid and was never going to defrost ready for the lunch so had to get my brother to out and get me another fresh one. I wanted to pay attention to my table I really wanted it to look nice so I took some extra time and effort for her.

  The dinner want well very busy for me but the chicken was very tender and delicious in the end and I made sure the gravy was perfect, I made the Lemon Meringue   pie I said I was making the night before, thank God I did because I would never had managed it all on the day. Everyone said it was nice but …

I'm In Love I Found A Wonderful Website.

You know that feeling everyone, when you get to a a certain age, when you just can't spring out of bed like a spring chicken, I had a really deep sleep last night I really needed it,  but when you have a deep sleep and you haven't moved for a while I woke up with some back ache, you know  when your body decides what is going to hurt today.
   I looked around my bedroom and thought I need a nice new bed, I want something stylish and comfortable but affordable to. I went out for lunch with a friend that day and mentioned to her about my poor aching back, and that I would love to buy a new bed but I want a nice clean  modern looking one because my very own prehistoric bed was on it's last legs, she said "have you looked online they have some lovely one's without breaking the bank",  I was very intrigued,  so I sat by my fire with a  warm cup of tea in one hand and a plate with chocolate biscuits on my little table next to me and came across this website  they …

My Autumn Rainy Day Play List.

This is a post I have been meaning to do for such a long time, but wasn't sure if people wanted to know about my embarrassing taste in music. When I tell you about my top ten rainy day play list, I will open myself up to you knowing what is in my mind, now that is a scary thought, and you will guess my age because yes I remember when Madonna used to wear crucifixes  and big bows in her back combed hair. The weather is well and truly deep into Autumn I love this time of year the colours and just the feel and the smell of the air.
   But on a rainy day you just want to keep warm and stick the fire on and relax with some of you own music we all have our own taste. and I am about to reveal mine so hear goes don't laugh.

1,  Madonna Live to tell, I think it's one of her best ballads.

2, Whiter shade of Pale, Procul Harem, Yes it's from the sixties but it just makes me chill out.

3, Prince Purple Rain, Of course I had to include this.

4, Ellie Goulding, Love me like you d…

My Mum's Birthday Plans.

What have I got myself into it's my Mum's 83rd Birthday on Monday the 19th  and I have said I will cook a full Sunday Lunch for eight on Sunday afternoon, so we can get all the family together because Monday is a work day and people can not all make it all at the same time. myself and my Sister will take my Mum out for lunch Monday that is what my Mum said she would like to do bless her.  So I have been shopping today I bought her a new handbag and a pink top with sequined flower motif at the front also in Pink, as you have guessed my Mother likes the colour Pink and it really suits her so I think she will like my choices.
 I have decided to make for the Birthday banquet  Roast Chicken with Creamy Mash Potatoes  and Roast Potatoes carrots, broccoli, peas, and chicken gravy,  for dessert I will have a choice of Lemon Meringue Pie or little fairy cakes, I will save the big birthday cake which is a chocolate one till her actual birthday, then I will give her, her presents.  So …

I Need To Go Make Up Shopping.

You know Girls and some Guys,  that feeling when you take out your mascara go to apply it  look in the mirror pull the mascara face open it and realise it's dried right out, that's what happen to me this morning, "How the hell did that happen" I thought to myself  "I'm sure it was OK Yesterday"
  So I need to go make up shopping desperately, I looked into my make up bag and I think I have to buy the essentials I have ran out or very low on everything, how  did that happen it's not like me, so today I have been online my saviour and bought five good make up essentials.

1 Rimmel pressed powder in Ivory, I love this I use a big brush and apply lightly.
2 Rimmel Cover stick in Ivory, I can't live without this I put a little on my little blemish's and blend with my third finger.
3 Maybelline   Great Lash Mascara, in black love this have used it for years won't do without it.
4 Rimmel lip balm in nude, this is so nice and moisturises your…

How Did You Feel Turning 40 And I Ate All The Halloween Sweets.

My 40th Birthday Party Blowing Out My Candles.

 This post is a little more personal it's about turning 40, that was five years ago now for me, today I really felt my age I was very tired and just couldn't muster up the strength to do anything I think I have been over working, it's a Saturday night and I am sitting on my new red Acer computer writing a blog post I just  can not be bothered to go out I just feel like being boring,  I have just eaten some home made soup and bread and butter, and then I will finish this blog post, one thing I don't mind doing,  and then put my feet up with a film, not sure which one yet maybe the one from my film list I wrote about in Saturday's post. I am just thinking shall I go and eat the rest of the Halloween sweets, Oh come on we've all done it.
   So back to the post turning forty, how was it for you for those of you who have was it painful or did you care, I know a lot of my friends dreaded it I on the other hand didn't…

My Favourite Top Ten Movies.

Who doesn't like a good Movie, we all do I'm sure and you all have your favourites that you have of watched or re watched time after time, I'm also sure you have your  best films that you don't admit to people that you like, like a grown man crying at Bambi, Shh I won't tell anyone.  So being the Weekend I have decided to comply  my very own list of my of favourite's.

1 The Breakfast Club, it's obvious  why I love this film it reminds me of my own school days and is a classic  with a great soundtrack. If you are too young to remember the 80's, watch this film and your halfway there.

2   A Room With A View   I adore this film,  first it's set in Italy where my family are from and I loved Helena Bonham Carter and when I was 14 wanted her hair.

3  Wish You Were Here,  a classic British film about a young girl called Linda who gets up to all sorts, there is one scene where Linda is training to be a hairdresser like I did when I was 16, and she was doin…

My Cozy Slippers Review

I don't know about you but my feet are starting to get really cold at night, did you do like I did and dig out last years slippers from the cupboard only to find that there is a hole in the sole and they are falling to bits, so today I did some retail  therapy and bought two different pairs and were did I go? To Asda Supermarket.  Asda, my readers who are  not familiar with this store  is  supermarket but they have a section called George which sells clothes and shoes for all the family,  Geroge  has a brilliant selection, and they are such a good price I bought two  pairs,  for some reason I go through slippers like nobody's business, so I should know be well and truly stocked up for the Winter. Here's what I bought if you want to take a look here is the link. Asda Geroge Slippers I bought two  pairs and I paid £14.00, bargain.

How To Overcome Writers Block.

I decided sitting here on this very grey Tuesday afternoon that  I could  have sworn that I just heard thunder, but it could be a helicopter passing over I'm not to sure.  Yes I have my dear readers a little bit of writers block, this is the fist time since I started this blog this has happened to me, I have lots of idea's in my head, but getting them down  into a post is another story  I carry around with me a little book and pen and when any idea's come into my head as fast as I can I write them down, and refer back in the future  I have written this blog title three times and deleted it and started again with a different subject, has this ever happened to you my dear one's, when you just can't settle on the one idea, because you have to many little one's in your head, how did you over come it? I find when I start writing it just flows and I don't get stuck, when I start I start and I seem to get to the end.
     I really enjoy writing I always have don…

My Fantastic Bonfire Night Party.

Hi how was your weekend, mine was good, I went to a great fireworks party last night with my special one and some family and friends, I usually don't like the fire works so much, but this one was really cool, they had more of the pretty fireworks rather than those awful big bang one's you know the one's,  they are so loud you think a war has started. It wasn't that cold but it did start to rain a little, which was a shame it didn't ruin the atmosphere, but the party still went on,  I bought with me the tomato soup I made earlier in the day see my earlier post Bonfire night treats you will find the recipe here, we had it in big earthly mugs outside with some home made bread my friend  made the bread it tasted so delicious, it was so good by the bonfire.  People really liked it, they must have done because it all went very quickly.

Sorry guys I had no make up on,  I promised Mr Special that I would put the picture's up on the blog.

   It was so nice to be wit…

Bonfire Night Treat's

I love this time of year, I like the colours of Autumn the orange glow of the world,  one of my favourite weekend's is Bonfire night, for those of my readers outside the U.K Bonfire night is celebrated here on the 5th November, where we light a big fire to keep us warm in the crisp air and we have firework's we dress up warm wait for dark  and get together outside and eat and drink hot food to keep us warm in the fiery glow. Here are a few Bonfire treats to warm you up. You could have your own party.

Warm Tomato Soup. 2 tbsp of olive oil

1 onion chopped 2 cloves garlic chopped 500 g ripe tomatoes chopped 900 ml vegetable stock

Preheat oven to gas mark 5 Place chopped tomato on a baking tray Bake for 30 mins Heat oil in pan sautee chopped onions Add crushed garlic and cook for further 2 mins Add chopped cooked tomatoes and vegetable stock and pour  into a blender and blend for 30 seconds, return to pan and heat back up and serve with crusty bread. Yummy.

Toffee …

Are You Brave Enough To Wear Red Lipstick ?

Are you brave enough to wear Red Lipstick, I am, I have and I do, I have since I was around 14, this post is not for selling Lipstick but a little shout out and support to those who do the fact that I always wear it, it has of late become so unfashionable to wear the scarlet colour, but I know people frown on it, and think I am some kind of tart, I used to wear it to school, to school I hear you say in horror, yeah really to school, I used to tone it down of course, but I dared to do it yes I did, I was obsessed with make up when I was a teenager.      I walked into my French class and my wonderful French teacher told me to go and wash my face, and another time when walking into assembly was also told to go and wash my face I looked like a clown.  When it became out of fashion I was ashamed of wearing it not wanting to attract attention, or the wrong kind of attention, as I have gotten older I still wear it with pride, you all know readers of this blog that I have a weird obsession…

My Beautiful Necklace From Statement Made

I have received, this beautiful necklace from  who have asked me to review it for them, I got very excited  when the post lady rang my door bell this morning and handed me over the parcel with a huge cheery grin on her face, "Yes I thought it is here, I had been looking forward to seeing the piece that they had sent me" when I opened the package I saw a lovely cute pink drawstring bag inside, excitedly I opened the little purse and found a stunning necklace lovingly made, the pendant is a  bird design and you can clearly see the definition (the bird, the beak), a huge smile came across my face as I held it up to the light and examined it  the sun shone on it, it's sparkled.  It also comes with a  certificate of authenticity.
   So come tomorrow night I shall wear it at the fireworks party I am going to, knowing that my necklace is as sparkly as the fireworks in the sky. If you would like to look at there wonderful collection here is the li…

Re Reading From My Book Shelf And I Have Fallen In Love With These Boots.

I am looking for a new book I have searched  the Amazon reading list and I don't fancy any of them, I am too tired to think at the moment and want an easy read I was looking through my book shelf and out came a title on the spine of a book tucked away pushed to the back of my pine book shelf,     
    Oranges are not the only fruit, by Jeanette Winterson,  I pulled it out and straight away memories of me 15 and reading this book came flooding back, sitting on the floor in my bedroom huddled up by the radiator freezing cold, I loved the title and I fell for the book, It bought back memories of when I was hanging around with my mates and fancying boys, Arggh those  days were so innocent. Yes I am going to re read it starting tonight with my fluffy socks on by the fire.

I was looking for pants and socks on line as supplies are running low, and have come across these it was love at first sight, I was looking for dark  Red for Autumn/Winter but I really like these Purple One's…