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The Raw Truth, Why Are We Such Liar's?


                    I was thinking the other day, why are we always lying to everyone? We do it all the time, when someone says "Hi how are you?" you don't reply "Well my head hurts, my back hurts and I don't like my job" no we lie and say "Fine Thanks", we are such Liar's, we do it everyday we don't like all the people we work with how could we, we can't get along with everyone, so we tolerate them, they drive you crazy but you smile and say "Hi" we don't mean it but we say it anyway just to be polite, what would the work place be like if we all told the truth say they were walking down the corridor and they wave and say "Hi" what would be your real reply be "Bugger Off" if only.
                 When you say to your boss can I have a pay rise? and he says no and comes out with the same bullshit as usual  the company has not made so much money this year blah blah blah, and he says "No" what do you say in return, with a fake understanding face "Oh never mind I will ask again next year"  what you are dying to say is "You Bastard".    No, we also lie to ourselves daily  I heard someone the other day say I don't drink much to someone else, when they live in the pub.
                 We also do it to our loved ones not me of course, I had a friend who would lie to her partner she would spend to much money on clothes and keep them in the boot of her car and get them out slowly so he wouldn't noticed. I found it hilarious at the time but, but not so much anymore it wasn't me honest, it wasn't.
                        I must admit when I was child I was the best liar in the world and I would be believed I was that good I was so convincing that I would get away with everything, except for my Parents who saw right through me, I did give it a good go though.
                        In conclusion I am convinced lying is in our D.NA we can't help ourselves,  but as you get older you start to feel guilt, and it starts to fade, and we do it less.  We are a planet of liars.



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