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Reflections Of Your Life.

Do you ever on a quiet moment of your life, wonder and look back, I have got to a certain age, and not pondered if I did this and if I did that, I wouldn't be human would I if I didn't.  Did I make a mistake in a serious relationship which was going wrong, should I have married him like he wanted me to, my life would have been so much different to what is is now, may be I would have been a Mummy, I am sure I would have been a Mummy by now, but when I analize  it I didn't love him like he wanted me to,  don't get me wrong |I loved him but I wasn't In love with him, there is a big difference you know, the last few months of our relationship was not good, I saw a side to him I had never seen before, things were not going right in his life and our relationship became all about him and I got left behind, when the demise did come I missed him because I not only lost my lover I lost my  best friend, it took me nine months before I could even start to rebuild my life, but I kept hearing about him from other people, and I didn't want to know, it was like a dagger when I heard who he was seeing now.
   Nearly a year after we split I did go back there for a brief second but it felt all wrong, something had changed so much between us and we decided to remain friends his words to me were " I would rather have you as a friend than not have you at all" how do you explain that to a new partner, your ex is still hanging around. 
   There are a few jobs I could have had that I didn't take because of my Low Self Esteem, I knew I was capable of  doing them, but because I didn't think I was good enough I let them slip away from me, which of course made me feel even lower than I was before, but that's another story I will save for later in the blog,  we all have regret's that we live with, some of them are little one's we can really live with,  but some of them would have changed the history of your life, I can not and won't reflect on the mistakes big and small,that I have made  and the missed opportunities in my own life, I can't because time keeps rolling on  and opportunities still arise that I will from now on grab with both my hands and hold on tight to them.


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What age would you go back to?   Sixteen, Eighteen, your early twenty's?  I personally think that there is a huge difference between 16 and 24 not just in numbers but in life.  I am writing this post because I have seen a lot of younger people struggling and it has made me very sad and I some what know what they are going through,  of course everybody's situation is different  we all have different lives and family situations and a different set of problems.
 I am no expert on mental health I would never dare, I am only writing from my own point of view and my own struggles  when I was younger.  When I have talked to several younger people, lately my heart breaks for them I remember the self esteem issues that I had as a teenager, the fear I felt when sitting my GCSE exams, and leaving school was terrifying I didn't want to grow up it was scary, I wanted to hang out with my friends get drunk and snog boys, I knew that I couldn't do that I had to study I had to get a j…

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Put your hands up who's a secret blogger,  me me me.  In a room full of people I would be the first to stand up, in a queue I would be well and truly at the front.  I am the Ultimate secret blogger I confess, anyone else come on own up.
    On a serious note when, I started my blogging journey I really wanted something to do on a creative level if  20 or so people read my posts I would have been really happy, I never realised  that I would get this far, I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. I started my blog on July 17th 2018, only one person knew about it, my Brother I needed him for the technical bit, I will give him a shout out because he does read the blog don't you know, it took me about three weeks to tell my Sister, and one of my Nieces and my older Brother but no one else knows,   I feel quite like it's some kind of big hush hush secret, don't get me wrong I am proud of my little corner of the internet, I am just not ready to share it with …

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This is Anna, my Grandmother, and I have chosen her as my Inspirational women for International Women's day 2019.    Anna, my Grandmother was born in April 1907 on the East Coast of Italy, in another time, and another place, long before I was even thought of.  I have chosen my Grandmother today  because she was a strong confident women who had a hard life with no money no decent home and sometimes no shoes on her feet as she used to tell me.  My Grandmother got married at 18 in Pink and had four daughter's the youngest of whom was my own Mother.  My Grandfather was a farmer/soldier and when the second world war broke out my Grandfather was in the war, my Nan as I always called her, was on her own in war torn Italy with four daughter ages ranging from 13 downwards to 6 years old,  if we think of poverty in our towns and cities today according to my Nan's  standards they where horrendously poor only eating what they could grow and what they could kill.  During the war for…

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