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I Am Obsessed With Killing Eve.

Is Villanelle a modern day heroine?

About two weekends ago I was down right bored I really fancied watching something new,  I looked through Netflix nothing there, I looked through Amazon Prime just the usual cheap films I had seen before, Then I came across this little gem called Killing Eve, on BBC i player, not my usual thing but I'll give it a a go, within the first two minutes from the opening scene when Villanelle tipped the ice cream in the spoilt little girls lap and the music started I was hooked, I love the way it looks, it has the most delicious location's around Europe, and the fact that the main character is not a goody but a glamours, intelligent and funny  young women who happens to kill people for a living, I ask myself is she the baddy a modern day monster or a a modern day heroine?
        Never have I rooted for the bad guy before, you are not supposed to laugh when she runs over her former lover, but I did because it was clever, how can you inject humor into a murderous spy, but it works it really does. Villanelle has style class taste, speaks lots of languages has lots of money, is pretty, and yet she kills people in the most brutal way even torture  them for her own pleasure, she feels no remorse, guilt or sympathy and I think she enjoys it, but I love her anyway why,  because even though she is the worst kind of human, she is what every women wants to be except for the murder and torture bit, when you find out about her childhood and her unhappy past, you start to feel sorry for her because like us all she is floored and even has insecurities, we start to feel sympathy and she starts to look vulnerable, does this women really have a yearning to be really loved, I think she does but would you trust her she might kill you, but man or women would quiet quickly fall under her spell.  You couldn't help it. Even myself a heterosexual female can't help smile "Oh Yeah" when she comes out with her witty and dry one liners.
              I have always loved strong women, when I was a child I wanted to be Cleopatra or Suzi Quatro what a combination but both strong women in a Man's world, maybe  it comes down to my family having such strong women in it.
           Villanelle is I think a modern day heroine even if she is a psychopath. Killing Eve  the series is a TV Program  like no other, the good start for the #metoo generation for as long as it lasts. Me I am off to re watch the series all over again in case I missed any good bits the first time round. If you haven't watched it yet it's so good I would highly recommend it.


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