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Have You Ever Seen A Ghost? Halloween Special.

Have you ever seen a Ghost?  I have, Once.   Here are details of my Spooky encounter. No I wasn't drunk as I have been so often asked when I have told my tale before. It was a lovely Summer late afternoon and I was cooking in my Parent's house, I was stirring something on the cooker, My Mother walked into the Kitchen and said "Mimi who is that over there?" I turned and saw her starring out of our kitchen window, I looked to and I saw nobody there, "Where I said?" she pointed at the back of the garden "There she said that man standing looking at us there, the cheeky bugger" I looked and no one was there, my Mum continued to insist somebody was there I saw no one.
   For the next few days I continued to tease her saying Mum has a fancy fella looking for her in the garden, she still insisted that a tall man was standing starring at both of us, apparently he was good looking and about 40 ish with dirty blonde brushed back hair. Over the next few day's we all forgot about what she saw.
  About a week later, I was back at Mum and Dad's around 7.30 pm it was still light being August  I walked into the Kitchen to make a cup of tea, and I looked out of the window and there was a man standing starring at me in the very same spot that my Mother had said for a second I thought he was a real person, but soon realised he was so was not, he stood there looking at me for about 30 seconds was no expression on his face he was tall and like mum described very good looking but  to me he had a reddish complexion like he had been working or running. then he disappeared from sight in front of my very own eye's. He was definitely  a Ghost,  I wasn't frighted but felt a bit weird, it wasn't an unpleasant experience, but I don't  want it repeated, I have never seen him again, Yet. That's my ghost story do you have any of your own you would like to share feel free to message me on Facebook or Instagram I would love to hear them. Happy Halloween love Mimi.💋


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My Obsession with Red Shoes.

I was clearing out some boxes that were secretly stashed at the bottom of my wardrobe,  actually  I forgot about them.  There were about six of them, I wondered what was in each one,  I took them out and placed them on my bed in great anticipation of what I might find, I opened the first one and there was a lovely pair of red stilettos  that were about 15 years old, and I hadn't worn in ages, the second one were some flats,  third some pumps, all the boxes contained shoes of some style that I hadn't seen for an eternity.                                         Why have I kept all theses old shoes, I thought, when I hadn't worn any of them for years, all lined up I looked at them. Yes  they are all Red,  and  that's why I couldn't bear to part with any of them.                                         I had discarded all different colours and style's  down the years,    couldn't spot any of them,  not even in a line up…

Bath, Bed and Breakfast.

After a very tiring week, work work work appointment after appointment I  just want to relax and soak in the bath, go to bed in some lovely bedding I bought last weekend and have a full English Breakfast on a Saturday Morning, There is nothing like it, I have put some of the products I used below. Enjoy and Happy Weekend folks. 💋 

Bath  I used Sanctuary Spa Body Wash, it was so relaxing and the smell of sandalwood and jasmine was lovely, and the essential oils made my skin so soft. Here is the link Sanctuary spa.

Bed  I bought this bedding from Dunelm last weekend I couldn't wait to use it I think it's so pretty I love the subtle colours  you can find it here Dunelm bedding.

Breakfast  Yummy scrambled egg, sausage, beans bacon, hash brown, and a half a tomato, just what I needed, I don't eat this everyday just at the weekend sometimes or when someone lovely will make it for me.

My Messy Pasta Cupboard The Brilliant Film I Watched Last Night and Amazon Where Is My Parcel.

I went to a great pasta shop today and I stocked up on my low supply of Italian pasta, I can't stand the stuff in the Supermarket's, my Palate  being spoiled my whole life by my Italian family and their wonderful cooking. Yes I can tell when I am given supermarket pasta I am afraid you can't fool me.  Somebody who shall remain nameless was supposed to put it neatly in the Pasta Cupboard, and this is how I found it ...........................…

I watched the brilliant Dutch Film last night it was called Obsessed on Amazon Prime, it was about a family who is renovating a run down house in France and of course  lot's of things happen, I don't want to give it away but it was so good check it out if you can.

What the hell is happening with Amazon they have gone awful I ordered something a week ago got a message saying it's dispatched and then another one saying the driver has lost it. I will have to find out now what has happened to it, Ridiculous. love  Mimi 💋

Ten Best Blogging Tips

When I started my blog in July 2018, I never realised how much work being a blogger actually was, looking back I was so naive, I have read other blogs over the years and thought, that's easy  I can do that, but I was wrong it takes hours of work, don't get me wrong I love it, it has ups and downs but the sense of satisfaction every time I work and publish any blog post is tremendous. My blog is my online baby and I have to nurture and make it grow. So I have compiled ten top tips  to help  the blogger from my point of view.

1,First when you write a post make sure it is your own original work, you can get inspiration from other's  but never copy anyone else work, a big no no.

2,  Watch out for SEO keywords, you will need to include them in your title and in the body of your work, I am not an expert at SEO, but I just include popular words, but don't compromise your creativity for SEO. 

3,  Make sure your blog page is attractive to reader's, a nice looking font good Ph…