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Another Bloody Power Walk A Lovely Sunday Carvery.

Well after I recovered from  the last mountain walk  he took me on I deiced to do another, my idea this time, I jumped out of bed and put my feet on an ice cold carpet, when the hell did it get so cold it's like December here in the UK, my new bathroom floor was even colder, I jumped into the shower and felt lovely and warm, then it was time to get lazy bones out of bed, I heard a grunt and said "we are going for one of my power walk's today",  "OK", came the muffled reply and he got out of bed too,  Yay victory for me.
    My sort of walk is pretty, obviously I am not doing a hike up a bloody mountain like last time, or dare to go to the spooky woods remember my spooky woods everyone I nearly shit myself I wrote about it in an earlier post here is the link if you would like to read it Spooky Power Walk , this time I chose a nice park near my  house  where I knew there was a nice little pub at the end of it he he  he we walked there too no car.   I was …

Have You Ever Seen A Ghost? Halloween Special.

Have you ever seen a Ghost?  I have, Once.   Here are details of my Spooky encounter. No I wasn't drunk as I have been so often asked when I have told my tale before. It was a lovely Summer late afternoon and I was cooking in my Parent's house, I was stirring something on the cooker, My Mother walked into the Kitchen and said "Mimi who is that over there?" I turned and saw her starring out of our kitchen window, I looked to and I saw nobody there, "Where I said?" she pointed at the back of the garden "There she said that man standing looking at us there, the cheeky bugger" I looked and no one was there, my Mum continued to insist somebody was there I saw no one.
   For the next few days I continued to tease her saying Mum has a fancy fella looking for her in the garden, she still insisted that a tall man was standing starring at both of us, apparently he was good looking and about 40 ish with dirty blonde brushed back hair. Over the next few day&…

Reflections Of Your Life.

Do you ever on a quiet moment of your life, wonder and look back, I have got to a certain age, and not pondered if I did this and if I did that, I wouldn't be human would I if I didn't.  Did I make a mistake in a serious relationship which was going wrong, should I have married him like he wanted me to, my life would have been so much different to what is is now, may be I would have been a Mummy, I am sure I would have been a Mummy by now, but when I analize  it I didn't love him like he wanted me to,  don't get me wrong |I loved him but I wasn't In love with him, there is a big difference you know, the last few months of our relationship was not good, I saw a side to him I had never seen before, things were not going right in his life and our relationship became all about him and I got left behind, when the demise did come I missed him because I not only lost my lover I lost my  best friend, it took me nine months before I could even start to rebuild my life, but…

It's Getting Cold Three Of The Best Pyjama Sets.

Now the night's are drawing in and the evening's are  getting darker and colder and Winter is around the corner I like to snuggle up with a lovely pair of Pyjama's, I have been looking around and found my pick of the best.

I found these Red Petite star one's from Debanams cost £25.00. I love the bright colour and they look so comfortable. Here's the link Debanhams red Pyjama's

You don't see much Yellow in the nightwear world but my eye's were  attracted to these  straight away,  I like the moon and the stars on the lounge pants to they are from Next at £18.00 you can find them here. Next Yellow PJS.

I love the big floral print on this classy pair they look stylish and classy, they can also be found at Next for £25.00. Here is the link Next Floral

Walking Up A Mountain And My Healthy Breakfast-Brunch.

" Let's get in the car and go for a drive" he say's and go for a country walk "It's 7.00 am on a Sunday  I said are you mad?" There  I was half asleep and on the way for "a country walk"  it's part of our trying to get healthy lifestyle,  I had on my best walking trainers and my coat with hood, not sure about the mid October weather, Rain Sun Wind, Rain Sun Wind the weather can't make it's damn  mind, we finally arrived at our destination and I looked up, thank you Sun you have been shining all morning, please keep shining and don't rain, the drive was beautiful lots of green rolling hills God I live in a beautiful part of the world that I don't appreciate enough.
            "How long is this walk going to take?" I ask do I want to know "3 hours came the reply", I wish I never asked, but as I started the long trek up the hill, I started to enjoy myself the terrain was steep, but the lovely fresh air hit…

Are You A Good Sister ?

I hope that I am a good Sister, I am one  of four children two boys and two girls, Boy Girl, Girl Boy, my Mum was very lucky to have one of each twice over, I am the third child almost a middle child but not quite,  I adore my two wonderful Brother's who are the best of men, and I try to be both a Big Sister and Little Sister to them both a friend and confidant and a pain in the ass at times, I have only one Sister who I adore, she is 7 years older than me, so she has not only been my big Sister but also my best friend and sometimes surrogate Mum, she taught me how to ride a bike, learn about boys and how to be a mischievous bugger at times, there was no one who would play tricks on people like my big sis, and I learn't from the best, even though I had to wear all her hand me downs, the best present she ever gave me was a copy of Walk Right Now by The Jackson's, for my ninth birthday and she wowed us all with her magic tricks our mouths wide  open at how  magic freeze pop…

Autumn's Bath Bed And Beyond.

I have written another Bath, Bed and Beyond Post I did one a few weeks ago and it was pretty successful, I have my little eye on so much stuff for the Autumn/Fall that I wish I had the money to buy it all so I have picked some of my favorites to entice you. Hope you like my choices.

I have got an aching shoulder at the moment to I did buy some of this Radox for aching muscle's I will be using this before bed that's for sure. I bought mine from Asda for a £1.00 half price bargain.
I saw this online I would love it's by Mathew Williamson at Debenhams it's got Peacocks on it, I find it so different I love the different blue shades you can find it here. Mathew Williamson Duvet Set.

Beyond. Found these stunning set of scented candles I am going to buy to put them around my fire place to make my sitting room nice and cosy this Autumn, they are from Next and I bet they smell  great too. here is the link. Next Candles

More Royal Babies And A Quiet Royal Wedding. I Hate My New Trainers.

Royal Baby. This morning as I was eating my porridge, Lorraine Kelly with her face full of smiles announced on breakfast television that Harry and Meghan are having a baby, like we all ready didn't know, the way those two are,   I  knew it wouldn't  take them long, I had a feeling she was a couple of weeks ago, when they were in Sussex Prince Harry gave it away every time she went up some steps Harry grabbed her more than he usually does, but I think we all worked it out at Friday's Royal Wedding she was walking like a pregnant women as my Mum said, so it will be wall to wall coverage for months now, I like to hear when anyone has a happy announcement,  I think it will be the making of Prince Harry who looked really lonely following his Brother and Sister around, I am happy for them both, with this damn boring talk of Brexit it makes a nice happy news item for a change, but to announce it at your cousins wedding I am not so sure if you read the papers,  if it's true.

I Am Obsessed With Killing Eve.

Is Villanelle a modern day heroine? About two weekends ago I was down right bored I really fancied watching something new,  I looked through Netflix nothing there, I looked through Amazon Prime just the usual cheap films I had seen before, Then I came across this little gem called Killing Eve, on BBC i player, not my usual thing but I'll give it a a go, within the first two minutes from the opening scene when Villanelle tipped the ice cream in the spoilt little girls lap and the music started I was hooked, I love the way it looks, it has the most delicious location's around Europe, and the fact that the main character is not a goody but a glamours, intelligent and funny  young women who happens to kill people for a living, I ask myself is she the baddy a modern day monster or a a modern day heroine?
        Never have I rooted for the bad guy before, you are not supposed to laugh when she runs over her former lover, but I did because it was clever, how can you inject humor in…

Afternoon Tea with My Mum And Sister, The New Read and I Love My New Lamp

Myself and My Sister Took My Mother Out for a treat This afternoon I didn't realise I was going it was my sisters suggestion, we went took a little drive and went to a lovely tea room right by a river, out came two platter with lovely cut sandwiches and little cakes  and scones my favorite was the caramel slice, I had to fight my sister  for, I won .we had cups of  tea in a china cups and saucers we felt very posh.  After stomachs were very full up let me tell you we decided to take a walk by the river which would have been nice if it wasn't for the bloody midges flying everywhere I have had enough bites  from them this summer, so we returned to the car, it was a lovely treat for us all, definitely will go back.

I have bought a new book When I find you, by Emma Curtis it's about a lady who thinks she has been sexually assaulted and tracks down her attackers for revenge, the twist is she suffers from face blindness, I will let you know how it goes I have read a little this…

Recipe For A Rainy Day.

Classic Sheppard's  Pie.
With Storm  Callum Brewing in the Irish Sea I thought I would share my recipe for a classic Sheppard's Pie, it's Probably the best comfort food in the world.
3 Large Potatoes Butter 1 Onion Chopped  1-2 carrots chopped 1 half pounds of minced beef 1/2 Pint of Beef Stock a little salt for potatoes A little milk
Boil potatoes in a pan for about 20 mins until tender. Saute Vegetables with a little butter add onions, and carrots until soft. Then add the minced beef and the beef stock reduce heat and simmer for about 10 mins. Return to the potatoes and mash them with some butter and a little milk add salt to taste Layer the beef mixture in an oven proof dish, then carefully spoon the mixture onto to the beef mixture do not press the potato firmly down, after you have spread the potato over the beef mixture take a fork to make a slight pattern.
Bake in the oven for gas mark 4 for about 30 mins, until the mashed potatoes goes and brownish colour. E…

Beautiful Day, And Why Should We Empower People.

Woke up this morning looked out of the window to a surprise fog, there was a low ground fog and a stunningly beautiful Blue sky, I crawled out of bed and got ready for the day, not such a rushed busy day as of late, I could relax a little more, after lunch I decided to sit and work outside in my garden to take advantage of the  strange October heat, but before that I took a power walk and noticed the beautiful leaves that are starting to fall on the the ground I love the colour's  this time of year.

Why Should We Empower People. I was just watching the evening news and there was an item on  somebody empowering others, you here it all the time, don't get me wrong  it's nice to hear that other's are now giving out the strength and there time and energy into helping other's get stronger and I like the way it may inspire other's to do the same, but at the same time I worry that it will all get's to much, I like the fact that while other's in today's soc…

I Have Changed My Profile Picture And My Autumn Goals

As some have you may have noticed I decide to change my Profile Picture to show who I am, up to now I have only put up partial pictures of myself, when I first started this blog I didn't know how it was all going to go, and how I would be received, but  in  recent weeks I realized that I have regular readers and thought that it was bad manner's to not show you all  who you were reading about so tah dah this is me Mimi nice to meet you all at last. 💋

Autumn Goals I really need to get some more sleep, I have to stop watching repeats of First Dates on Channel 4, and looking at my tablet, So I have decided to switch my devices off at eleven and leave them off till morning, see if that helps, the weather is not helping either last night I was freezing and today late summer has come back madness this year.
I  like to get back into the kitchen more I do cook, but I don't have enough damn time, to experiment more, I used to be so experimental all that has gone out of the window s…

Monday's Wish List, Hat's and Scarf's That I Have Fallen In Love With.

I  was shockingly reminded on Saturday on my trip out to Conwy while we walked on the soggy sand that the wind was so cold and blowing right on the bones of my head, I forgot  a hat because I didn't think I needed one, I don't think it's that time for a woolly warmer type but I found these little gems, from Next. Next Baker Boy Hat

Or This One. Fedora Black Hat, Next

While I was looking I found some stunning scarfs to go with them one of them is a larger wrap around your shoulders type scarf that looks so cosy and warm, that you might not need your coat and the other one, I just love the red colour with the black hat. Link is here  Next wrap around scarf.

Or This One. Red Leopard Print Scarf.

A Cold Day Out, And A Warm Meal On The Coast.

Do you want to take a drive out to the coast he says?  Yes please I replied, it would make a lovely change, we left at around three p.m. and arrived at the beautiful coastal town Of Conwy on the North Wales coast.  The wind on the coast today was very bracing and I forgot to take a hat, so I suffered quite a bit, I love hats thinking of doing a future post on the best I can find, now the weather has defiantly gotten colder. We went for a walk around Conwy Castle before the light goes down which is an impressive sight. I haven't been for a while and it takes my breath away every time I see it.

The Sun started to go down quite quickly and it was so cold we decided to get something to eat before we drove home, so we found a lovely place called Watson's Bistro, I had never been there before and we managed to get in,  it's got a lovely friendly atmosphere while keeping cosy with a family feeling, we sat in the dinning room, The staff were friendly and  the food was yummy.

Came …

Do You Dare To Dress Sexier.

Do you dare to dress sexier than you are, I am not sure when I was in my twenty's perhaps a little short skirt here and there a little lower in the top, I always hated my legs and covered them up I think I referred to my white pasty pins in an earlier post, so I would never had worn a short skirt.  I would never even now not do both, it's either a lower top or a shorter skirt, you have to stay classy don't you know.
          Is it appropriate to dress sexier in your 40's I  wouldn't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb,  so I don't think I would ever were a body con dress, I wouldn't have the confidence at all, I know all the girls from reality shows  are into the tight dress, big boobs and the big hair. The hair and the Boobs I can do, but the tight dress no can do.  Shall I just try to be a little more like a Vampy Devil and try to be a little more sexy glamorous and not to trash.

What I would wear, still sexy but classy.

What I wouldn't w…

A Spooky Power Walk and The Great British Mash Off..

Another lovely early October day, the sun has been shining and I have had my navy and gold trainers on, and I went off on a power walk bit longer this time,  I changed the route, and I took a turning and I ended up somewhere I have never been before, it was so beautiful with the sun behind the trees, I forgot how lovely the planet can be this time of year a mixture of green and yellow with the trees a weird gold colour,  I carried on walking and went to a part of the wood that was both spectacular and spooky at the same time, I carried on but I was apprehensive and there was no one around, but it only took two minutes  to clear it and I could see light at the end phew, I don't think I will go there on my own  again,  good for a Ghost Hunt perhaps.

The Great British Mash Off.

 Of all the disagreements one can have, the roast potatoes  or mash potatoes one is an enigma and a classic so I decided to have both, yes I am greedy I am spoilt,  but I am not going to choose between my roas…

The Raw Truth, Why Are We Such Liar's?

I was thinking the other day, why are we always lying to everyone? We do it all the time, when someone says "Hi how are you?" you don't reply "Well my head hurts, my back hurts and I don't like my job" no we lie and say "Fine Thanks", we are such Liar's, we do it everyday we don't like all the people we work with how could we, we can't get along with everyone, so we tolerate them, they drive you crazy but you smile and say "Hi" we don't mean it but we say it anyway just to be polite, what would the work place be like if we all told the truth say they were walking down the corridor and they wave and say "Hi" what would be your real reply be "Bugger Off" if only.
                 When you say to your boss can I have a pay rise? and he says no and comes out with the same bullshit as usual  the company has not made so much money this year blah blah blah, and he says "No" what…

How To Start A Blog, The Very Beginning.

I started My very first Blog on 17th July 2018,  I had an idea in my head that I wanted to  write content, I am not a professional writer, but I had a lot to say and I love to write, I did sign up with a different platform a few months before and thought don't be so silly this is a younger person's game, and didn't continue, but a few month's later in the middle of a very hot Summer I thought Fuck it, what the hell do I have to loose, lets go.  I must say I was bombarded with so much information at the beginning I didn't know what to listen to and was very confused I hope I have sussed it out a bit so far.  So I have decided to share some of my early tips if you are thinking of starting your very own. I am still very much growing my Blog week by week and I really do enjoy writing for you all,  I hope you all enjoy what I write, I still worry I am making a fool out of myself, but I now know I have regular readers and I thank you for that. Here are a list of my very…