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What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

              Do you remember a time when you were young and life was carefree and innocent, and we had our own dreams. Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up, I do and they are still vivid in my day dreaming times secretly deep down I still think maybe one day I can achieve them.
             I wanted to be a dancer, I had a very graceful and talented Mother  who was a all ballroom dancer, I was in awe when my Mother took to the dance floor and I watched her dance,  The Waltz, The Tango, The Quickstep etc....... her feet gliding across the  shiny polished floor as her feet would rise and fall.   I wanted to be just like her and started to ask her to teach me, myself and my older Sister would be in our Kitchen in our family home and my Mum would show us the steps and we would practice together for hours it is one of my most treasured  childhood memory's, she would also be quite strict when we didn't raise our arms or  we were clumsy and not graceful enough,I was told once I danced like a farmer because I wasn't light enough on my feet , I find it funny now but then at 8 years old I got upset and sulked.  Mum then enrolled me into a local dance school  and I started on my Tap and Jazz and Disco lessons I was happy and really wanted to do it, but I started to get bullied by two older girls who decided I was their target,  unfortunately I had to leave the class and it put me off for a long time.  I grew up and my dancing dreams started to fade and school, my mates and Boys became my focus.
    My love for dancing has never faded though and even though my Mother has gotten older and can't dance the way she used to anymore  I still remember the good old day's and deep down a secret longing for my dreams might still come true. I wish.

                               My Mother in The Black Dress and My Aunt  Dancing with Her.


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Santi's Handmade Jewellery, Review.

This post contains advertising links. 

  Hi to you all, I was approached by the lovely and talented Sofiya Dimitrova, creator of Santi's Homemade Jewellery.  You will find her fantastic website here Santi's handmade Jewellery  Who gifted me a lovely   Earing's   and bracelet set  to review.

 The items arrived very quickly in a cute little pouch trimmed with a ribbon, I love jewellery so as you can imagine I was very excited to open it.   The earnings and bracelet  I was gifted are silver plated, wire wrapped with opal stone beads. The name Opal derives from the Sanskrit word upala which means "precious stone".  Sofiya designed this piece so it would go with any Summer outfit.
 I loved the pure but subtle tones of the blue against the silver, and that the beads change colour in the light  the earnings are wired so delicately, and with care, you can tell that Sofiya takes great pride in her work.  Each piece has been lovingly handcraft, most of her pieces are made …