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Since When Have We Gotten So Cynical.

What a World we know live in, I in my Wisdom have always been aware that there a some very selfish people living on this Planet of ours, but I have just kept out of there way and have had nothing to with them, preferring to make friends with good people, well I hope they are good, I looked around on the train today, and just saw blankness, no expression, or a head in a phone to scared to look up, if a giraffe in a Pink tutu walked in their head would not have moved from what they were looking at on the little screen. What the hell are you looking at a Giraffe in a pink skirt has just walked in!
          I saw a worrying documentary on the BBC a few days ago about how we cannot stop looking at our  smart phones and people have a real addiction that affects the way that they behave and live there life, I must say it freaked me out, I myself turn my phone off at around eleven PM and do not turn it on again till the next morning I must admit  it's one of the first thing's I do when I wake up check my messages and my social Media may be I shouldn't take it to bed and leave it downstairs, I have though purposely  not taken my phone out with me for an hour or two, so I could get some peace, when I told a friend this she said "what if something happens?"  What the hell did we do before we had Phones we didn't communicate by Sonar.
        I just think that nobody cares about anyone anymore, I still care and I hope deep down people think more about a  Human being that is standing next to them  than your smart phone in you hand  but I am not so sure  I have seen people freak out because they have no access to the Internet for a few days, like someone has just chopped of their arm and threw it in the bin.
        I like the fact that I am still humble and kind and I can't stand to show off I hope it comes across on this Blog, I write this Blog  because I love to write and would love people to enjoy what they are reading, not because I am saying look at me look at me, I blame reality television,  it gives you a false sense of security that anyone can be famous without talent or hard work,  but I just see each new reality star have a problem because they have become famous to quickly and end up in some rehab.  I wonder what life will be like in ten years time and if society will turn around and turn it's  back on life's  selfishness or will we be worse.


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Climate Change Tips, What You Can Do To Help.

With all the talk about climate change, and all the protests in London at the moment, I wanted to do a little research about it, of course I have heard of climate change, since the late eighties, when I first heard of the term The Ozone Layer, we did learn a little about it, but to be truthful it never really went any further than that.  But lately with all the talk around I have been thinking very carefully about this planet we have borrowed to live on.
  I have done a lot of reading on the subject  in the last week and have been surprised how many things I can do to help climate change I  have decided to adopt some if not all of them for myself, some I already have done without realising that I had.  Can you imagine if all of us do our bit for the planet we might be able to save so much of it for future generations. Here are my tips, can you help?

1,  Start walking more, it's good for your mind and your body, I already do  this I walk everywhere I can.

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Four Days In Florence.

Hi I have just returned from a  lovely trip  to Florence in Italy,   we booked it a couple of weeks ago, I never thought we would get flights, but we did and off we went, I surprised myself really, when I book a trip it's usually months in advance and I have to plan every detail I don't know what your like my dear readers, I think it's a confidence thing,  this is the first time I have let someone else plan a trip and I just went with the flow, not like me at all. I came to the conclusion of, why am I worrying life is to short just go with it. And I did.

Ciao Italia

  We landed 9.00 am,  after a rather quite flight from Manchester Airport, weather was 17 degrees and a mixture of cloudy and sun.  Very different from the cool rainy UK, we had just left.  Hotel was a small boutique type I did want to say which one it was, but my partner has asked me not to name names, for privacy. reasons and I respect that. One day I will get him on the blog, you will see.       But it was…

International Women's Day. Who Is Your Inspirational Women.

This is Anna, my Grandmother, and I have chosen her as my Inspirational women for International Women's day 2019.    Anna, my Grandmother was born in April 1907 on the East Coast of Italy, in another time, and another place, long before I was even thought of.  I have chosen my Grandmother today  because she was a strong confident women who had a hard life with no money no decent home and sometimes no shoes on her feet as she used to tell me.  My Grandmother got married at 18 in Pink and had four daughter's the youngest of whom was my own Mother.  My Grandfather was a farmer/soldier and when the second world war broke out my Grandfather was in the war, my Nan as I always called her, was on her own in war torn Italy with four daughter ages ranging from 13 downwards to 6 years old,  if we think of poverty in our towns and cities today according to my Nan's  standards they where horrendously poor only eating what they could grow and what they could kill.  During the war for…

Dear Meghan A Letter To A Duchess.

Dedicated to  Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Dear Meghan,

                        I hope you are well, and that all is well with your pregnancy, I hope you are not stressed and are resting in the last few days of this magical time, and your Husband is looking after you, I am sure he will he is very protective of his new family.
                        I hope you have not been reading all the horrible comments from the trolls, that I have been reading including the awful and ridiculous one's  that has been on your very own Instagram account in the last few days, it just makes me realise  that in reading them, you can tell how much people believe what they read in online newspapers and magazine's  and over social media how ill informed they all are and how all these made up stories are ridiculous so obviously untrue it's laughable, for example your post the other day on your Instagram account where you unfollowed  everyone, if they had bothered reading it they would ha…