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My Furry Babies And I.

                                   The Story Of Duchess And Binkey.

                    I wasn't sure if I was going to write this blog post, but I changed my mind after much deliberation I have two very special people in my life who I would go to the End's of the Earth for and those two special people are my Furry Babies my adorable Cat's,  Duchess and Binkey, in 2011 a Grey Cat appeared  in my garden she was emaciated and looked awful and I thought she was a stray, she was so thin she had a massive head and a little body, her tail was the size of my little finger, I didn't feed her at first, then I couldn't help myself, I started giving her little bits of ham and believe or not bread and butter, she kept coming back and of course I kept feeding her slowly she didn't look so thin any more, surely she must have been a stray, someone couldn't be treating an animal like this,  eventually I called her Binkey and she became my Cat.   After a few weeks of livin it up at my house I found out that Binkey had an owner who lived behind me who couldn't careless about her,  I wanted to cry but I realised I had probably saved her life, she is part of my family and we all love her very much.
                   About six months after, one morning I saw a small trail of blood, part way across my front drive way and then I spotted a cat with half of it's tail hanging off the Cat was scared and ran away,  I didn't know where she had gone,  after two weeks I saw the same Cat in my garden with half a tail eating a bird, she managed to catch, she was also half starved I said surely  Binkey's Ex owner couldn't have had more than one Cat I didn't think that the newly Christened  fluff ball Had a Brother or Sister?  I eventually found out that Binkey had a Sister who was also being neglected, I started to feed her and gave her the new name of Duchess because Prince William had Just Married Kate  MIddleton and she was now a Duchess.
                   Both Cat girls became my Furry Babies and are now safe, happy and content I told the person who used to own them "your Cats are now with me and if you I see you mistreat any other animals I will report you"  Two months later the idiot person walked past with a brand new Puppy
I couldn't believe it "what a Bastard".  They eventually moved house. So I have no idea where they have gone to. 
                   So that is the story of how I came to have my Cats, they are loving and funny and a little bit snobby and we adore them. Binkey is my little Princess who is the boss but as soft as a brush and Mimi is and anxious Cat who loves to talk to you and have a little conversation.  I am so glad they have come into my life and I hope they feel the same way about me.


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