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Double Standards in 2018 And Feminism Is Not A Dirty Word.

This going to be a bit of a Rant Folks.

I have over the last 6-8 months listened to and read lots of  "Stuff" on gender equality, Feminism and the Me Too movement I haven't written about it before but in the currant climate I think I should address it I know people's opinions will differ from mine, I have heard things from Friends, Family and colleague's  and I have agreed and disagreed with them and sometime's  I have heard some things that have made my stomach churn and toes curl up and made me angry, but I didn't speak up, to keep the peace.

    The "me too" movement has done so much good and also others have taken it totally out of it's context, I was watching an interview with Rose McGowen who I have greatly come to admire, she said the Me To movement came out when she discussed about what happened to her when she was attacked by Harvey Weinstein  and someone else she was talking to said "me too". From a serious issue to people thinking that harmless flirting is a sexual harassment, I was asked something by a man I know, he said if I tell a joke and accidentally touch someones arm while laughing will that be seen as sexual harassment.  It made me feel so sad that he had to ask me that because he genuinely was confused. I replied "what do you think?".

I am Proud to be a Feminist,  Feminism is not a war on Men and if you think that it is then you are not a Feminist.  Feminism to me  is equal right's on pay and respect,  I am not a man hater, I  have Male relatives and friends and colleagues who I adore and respect greatly. What is wrong with if you do the same job and hours you should have the same pay, because we have Vagina's we get paid less how it that right, and still happening much more than you think, companies still don't have equal pay.  It's wrong  and has to stop. I was watching The Jeremy Kyle show the other day I noticed Jeremy said three times to an enraged women "stop your nagging voice your like a fish wife",  when she was putting her point across but to the man who was just as vocal he said he was just expressing his opinion I nearly spat my tea out, he does it a lot I have noticed, Women are Slag's if we sleep with a few men but men get a high five's for it, Serena Williams while maybe she went about it the wrong way was expressing her opinion and called hysterical in the press but was the same was not  said about other Male  tennis players who has in the passed smashed there tennis rackets on the floor, No they were expressing there dissatisfaction. I could go on and on forever with examples. We should be allowed to be equal without compromising our femininity. OK rant over.



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