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Since When Have We Gotten So Cynical.

What a World we know live in, I in my Wisdom have always been aware that there a some very selfish people living on this Planet of ours, but I have just kept out of there way and have had nothing to with them, preferring to make friends with good people, well I hope they are good, I looked around on the train today, and just saw blankness, no expression, or a head in a phone to scared to look up, if a giraffe in a Pink tutu walked in their head would not have moved from what they were looking at on the little screen. What the hell are you looking at a Giraffe in a pink skirt has just walked in!
          I saw a worrying documentary on the BBC a few days ago about how we cannot stop looking at our  smart phones and people have a real addiction that affects the way that they behave and live there life, I must say it freaked me out, I myself turn my phone off at around eleven PM and do not turn it on again till the next morning I must admit  it's one of the first thing's I do w…

Five Tips For The Weekend.

1,    I am a bit bored of my exercise routine, I do power walking everyday and I feel like I need something else I  want to feel a bit bendy if you know what I mean my dear readers, let me clarify I want to feel more supple I think that was the word I was looking for I thought about Pilates, I used to do Yoga about ten years ago, it did make me more bendy  but I found it so boring and ultimately stopped.  I think I will try and find some Videos on Youtube to see if  I like it.

 2,    I need to do more work on my blog, I do post as much as I can, and I really love writing, I hope you enjoy reading it, but I think I need to do more technical work on it, I have let that side go a bit, when I first started it I didn't have a clue what I was doing, I had never embarked on an adventure like this before, I really try to stay away from the bloggey type blog that you see everywhere  I wanted to write to my readers on a more personal level, I do interchange my posts between more article type…

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

Do you remember a time when you were young and life was carefree and innocent, and we had our own dreams. Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up, I do and they are still vivid in my day dreaming times secretly deep down I still think maybe one day I can achieve them.
             I wanted to be a dancer, I had a very graceful and talented Mother  who was a all ballroom dancer, I was in awe when my Mother took to the dance floor and I watched her dance,  The Waltz, The Tango, The Quickstep etc....... her feet gliding across the  shiny polished floor as her feet would rise and fall.   I wanted to be just like her and started to ask her to teach me, myself and my older Sister would be in our Kitchen in our family home and my Mum would show us the steps and we would practice together for hours it is one of my most treasured  childhood memory's, she would also be quite strict when we didn't raise our arms or  we were clumsy and not graceful enough,I wa…

My Furry Babies And I.

The Story Of Duchess And Binkey.                     I wasn't sure if I was going to write this blog post, but I changed my mind after much deliberation I have two very special people in my life who I would go to the End's of the Earth for and those two special people are my Furry Babies my adorable Cat's,  Duchess and Binkey, in 2011 a Grey Cat appeared  in my garden she was emaciated and looked awful and I thought she was a stray, she was so thin she had a massive head and a little body, her tail was the size of my little finger, I didn't feed her at first, then I couldn't help myself, I started giving her little bits of ham and believe or not bread and butter, she kept coming back and of course I kept feeding her slowly she didn't look so thin any more, surely she must have been a stray, someone couldn't be treating an animal like this,  eventually I called her Binkey and she became my Cat.   After a few weeks of livin…

My Fantasy Shopping List This Week. Classy Not Flashy.

I have been looking for a  long sleeve dress that's classy not flashy in an Autumn colour that suits my skin tone and hair colour and I found this little gem from JD Williams. I love it,  I like the way it just flows and the Burgundy colour will suit me, and affordable at £59.00.  Here is the link. JD Williams Burgundy Dress.

       I have in my bathroom the loveliest bright pink wash clothes. My Bathroom is quite White so I thought a bright colour would  be cool, I thought they were too bright for the room but they look so good I now want the towels so I will definitely be buying these. I love them. 100% cotton and £6.00 for pack of two hand towels from Asda  George Home. Here is the link. Asda Pink Towels.
       I  have a hand wash at the moment that I have been using but it's  drying my skin out, you know the one, the bottle looks nice on your sink and the smell is great, but it dries your skin out terribly, so I decided to to try this Baylis and Harding one, I liked the…

The Best Holiday I Ever Had.

As I packed my Suitcase, full of anticipation of my travels, my stomach doing butterflies over and over, I made sure I had everything like you do before you leave for ten days, you know that feeling of  half excitement half God where am I going.  My Olive colored suitcase I have been meaning to get rid off, but had not gotten around to it, lay on my bed full of folded, yes folded not shoved in clothes,  I stood on my carpet barefoot thinking "what have I forgotten" everything seemed correct and present, I was looking forward to my holiday I needed to escape from the routine of daily life.  Where was I going somewhere exotic Thailand,  Dubai, Mauritius No, where I was going I didn't need my passport,  I was staying in the United Kingdom and it turned out to be one of the best holidays of my life. I was off to The Cotswolds

            Myself  and  a few others decided to rent a lovely cottage  just outside Stratford- upon -Avon, it was so pretty  My room was a bi…

Storms over The UK, Bloody Hell It's Windy. And This Weekends Book

Over the last two days the weather here has been horrible it's been a combination of sunshine rainbows heavy rain and very strong winds, I go power walking most days but it was impossible to even try,if I didn't want to get blown over or soaked.  We have been attacked by two storms one after the other Storm Ali and Storm Bronagh which is still going on, it's died down here now and all is calm for now.   I was so fed up with not being able to exercise outside that I chanced a very blustery power walk this morning I managed 25 mins not bad, most of it I was being pushed foreward I was blown about quite a bit, I am glad I went, cleaned out the cobwebs, only one thing though God I wish I tied my hair up I forgot.

Weekend Book Choice.
The Girl in the Letter by Emily Gunnis is the book choice starting today I have heard a lot of really good things about the book, and I am excited about reading it, it's about a girl who is in a Mother and Baby home, St Margret's in Sus…

New River Island Advert Labels Are For Clothes. My Lovely Dinner.

I saw last night, one of the best advert's I have seen on TV for years the new River Island Advert, Labels Are For Clothes, I was so impressed that I found myself cheering and clapping at the screen, it was so good to include people from everyday life and what is normal.  At last a high street shopping chain embracing diversity, I haven't had time to check out their collection yet, but I will absolutely now. Well done River Island.  Here is the link if you want to check out the advert. River Island Advert.

My Candle. I love my Baylis and Harding black pepper and ginseng candle, There has been a nasty storm the last two days, and it's gone quite cold, I have had such a busy day today I am putting my feet up with the favorite candle, it smells so nice,  I have had it since Christmas and not used it  yet so I thought today is the day. Black Pepper I thought yuck but it is so luscious. The room smells great.

My Wonderfully Cooked Meal Last Night. Last night I had the most deli…

How To Be A Happy Person.

We all of us mere mortals have our off days I was by far and large a happy child, I had a great Family and lots and lots of friends and had a terrible obsession with Horses which drove my Parents mad I used to  beg  and beg  my parents to buy one, but we couldn't afford it so I never got my Grey Dove(the name of my Horse if I had one) I had to settle for my beloved childhood friend Tiger the Cat, she was a total bitch, she only loved her family, and everyone else could go to hell. But that tabby temptress made me very happy.
      I was thinking the other day as I was having a interesting journey into town on the bus when the hell did life get so boring and annoying, I took a good look at everyone's miserable faces sitting there waiting for hell to come, what a boring bunch, gone are the days when people would chat to each other nothing important just passing the time of day,  you could hear laughter real laughter when the hell did that stop, did I miss something when di…

What I would like this week ? The Little Stranger, The Duchess of Sussex and Flowers.

FILM                    I have seen the trailer for the film The Little Stranger, it looks so good I would like to go and see it, it's got Charlotte Rampling in it, so it must be good, I love period drama's they are so up my street and this one is a must, check out the trailer here. The Little Stranger.

BOOK           I have bought a copy of Together, Our community cook book, by The Hubb Community Kitchen. Foreword by HRH The Duchess of Sussex.  The Hubb community kitchen was formed after the Grenfell tower fire, the proceeds  go to keep the kitchen going along with, community projects to help people who were affected by the fire. If you want a copy click the link here. Community cook book.

Garden       Picked the last of the Garden Roses before today's wind blows them all away, it's so windy outside what a change, they are now sitting proudly in the house, they are beautiful and sad at the same time, because there will be no garden flowers till next year. Bye Bye Sum…

No One Is Coming To Save You.

When I was a carefree teenager, I didn't have a care in the world, no kind of worries, the only thing that worried me was why my friend had fallen out with me, and why didn't the boy that I fancied, didn't fancy me back.
   Those were the day's I say with a sigh, they have long gone and life has got much more serious with the problems to match, sometimes I wish I was back there, those days of ease and no responsibilities, but I can't and have to face them.
    In my late teens and early twenty's that transition from being a teenager to a grown women started to kick in and I started to get that  feeling of low self esteem and the feeling that I was in no way good enough, I very often compared myself with everyone else not realizing that they too had there own set of problems, and fears and insecurity's,  I was so lucky to have a very wise Mother who had been through life's ups and downs and had seen it all,and who  was there to advise me and I was extre…

Food First, Filth Later, And A Nice Espresso In A Posh Cafe.

Hi Folks Had an interesting day today, I did as the title of  this post says. He He, I bet you are thinking filth later what does she mean?  Mmmmmmm I was a good girl I promise my dear readers. I spent the morning getting ready a meal for later in the evening.  Today I decided  to cook Rigatoni with plain tomato ragu and beef meatballs, the meatballs I didn't make them today I bought them slap my hand I'm naughty,  I had a busy day later so I decided to cheat.

                   This afternoon my Brother came round to shampoo my carpets, bless him he is so good, it's fascinating how much muck comes out of them, I was going to put a picture up but decided not to, who wants to see that!.

Later in the afternoon I took him out for a coffee and a Belgian Chocolate Muffin, I think he deserved it for all his hard work, we had a lovely chat, I am so grateful I get on so well with my Brothers and Sister. I love them dearly.

Oh my evening meal was lovely I shared…

Morning Routine, What Do I Use?

I know we all have are own morning routine, and we all do different things and use different products I just thought I would let you have a quick sneak at mine.

1, I wash my face with Johnson's Baby bar soap, it has honey in it.  When I was 19 I started to have acne which I never had in my whole life and a Doctor said to me wash your face  with warm water and baby soap once a day for a month don't give up after a few days your spots will disappear,  and they did. So for 24 years I have done this and never had any acne again,  he was right.

2, I like to use Dove original body wash I love the smell and it leaves your skin so soft.

3, I only use Pantene products in my hair I wash my hair with classic  clean shampoo and use smooth and sleek conditioner on the ends.

4, Teeth I am very fussy about dental hygiene, Yes us British people do look after our teeth😁 I brush twice a day with an electric toothbrush and floss morning and night.

5, I use Oil Olay moisture lotion on my…

Fashion Friday, Burnt Orange Is The Fashion Must For Autumn.

Burnt Orange is the colour for Autumn/Fall 2018 I have seen some lovely, rich colours around, different depths and  textures.  Orange I hear you say I can't wear it, you can because I have seen different shades for everyone's tastes. I have picked out some of my favorites.

Songbird Print Dress By Warehouse £59.00 here is the link Warehouse dress

Lipsy Floral Wrap Long Sleeve Dress. Here is the link Lipsy Dress

River Island Orange Paperbag waist wide leg trousers. Here is the link River Island Trousers

My Messy Pasta Cupboard The Brilliant Film I Watched Last Night and Amazon Where Is My Parcel.

I went to a great pasta shop today and I stocked up on my low supply of Italian pasta, I can't stand the stuff in the Supermarket's, my Palate  being spoiled my whole life by my Italian family and their wonderful cooking. Yes I can tell when I am given supermarket pasta I am afraid you can't fool me.  Somebody who shall remain nameless was supposed to put it neatly in the Pasta Cupboard, and this is how I found it ...........................…

I watched the brilliant Dutch Film last night it was called Obsessed on Amazon Prime, it was about a family who is renovating a run down house in France and of course  lot's of things happen, I don't want to give it away but it was so good check it out if you can.

What the hell is happening with Amazon they have gone awful I ordered something a week ago got a message saying it's dispatched and then another one saying the driver has lost it. I will have to find out now what has happened to it, Ridiculous. love  Mimi πŸ’‹

Double Standards in 2018 And Feminism Is Not A Dirty Word.

This going to be a bit of a Rant Folks.
I have over the last 6-8 months listened to and read lots of  "Stuff" on gender equality, Feminism and the Me Too movement I haven't written about it before but in the currant climate I think I should address it I know people's opinions will differ from mine, I have heard things from Friends, Family and colleague's  and I have agreed and disagreed with them and sometime's  I have heard some things that have made my stomach churn and toes curl up and made me angry, but I didn't speak up, to keep the peace.
    The "me too" movement has done so much good and also others have taken it totally out of it's context, I was watching an interview with Rose McGowen who I have greatly come to admire, she said the Me To movement came out when she discussed about what happened to her when she was attacked by Harvey Weinstein  and someone else she was talking to said "me too". From a serious issue to peopl…

What Was Your Best Age?

Here is a topic to think about when was your best age?   Have you ever thought about at what age  you where you your happiest, looking back at my entire life all 45 years and a few weeks of it I would say that it was when I was 28, I looked good,  I was slimmer, my hair was darker and shinny, I had a good job and a man that adored me, I socialized more, meals out and drinks, I loved shopping for outfits that I could wear at the weekends and I was generally much happier.
         I remember a little scene I was out for dinner with some friends and we were going on to a party afterwards, while I was there I hadn't noticed that my ex boyfriend was sitting three tables down from me with the girl he went out with three weeks after he dumped me by screaming in my face. I saw the light drain from his face, when he realized I was sitting at that dark wooden table,  I swear the girlfriend had the same outfit and hairstyle from ten years before and I was shocked he was still with her, …

Bath, Bed and Breakfast.

After a very tiring week, work work work appointment after appointment I  just want to relax and soak in the bath, go to bed in some lovely bedding I bought last weekend and have a full English Breakfast on a Saturday Morning, There is nothing like it, I have put some of the products I used below. Enjoy and Happy Weekend folks. πŸ’‹ 

Bath  I used Sanctuary Spa Body Wash, it was so relaxing and the smell of sandalwood and jasmine was lovely, and the essential oils made my skin so soft. Here is the link Sanctuary spa.

Bed  I bought this bedding from Dunelm last weekend I couldn't wait to use it I think it's so pretty I love the subtle colours  you can find it here Dunelm bedding.

Breakfast  Yummy scrambled egg, sausage, beans bacon, hash brown, and a half a tomato, just what I needed, I don't eat this everyday just at the weekend sometimes or when someone lovely will make it for me.

My Obsession with Kate Bush

1978, I was five years old, and in my Parents living room on our wooden television set, a Goddess appeared on our screen she had a white dress on dark long wild hair, and was doing a strange dance, to a song that started" Heathcliff",  Yes it was my heroine Kate Bush, I became obsessed with her, and that obsession has lasted  my entire life who would have thought I would have my hair like her's,  wild and unkempt like me as a child, wild and unkempt,  usually barefoot up a tree or racing the boys around on my sister's yellow chopper bike, I wanted to be the heroine in her songs I spun around over and over again copying the dance steps in front of my very loving audience consisting of my brother's sister and parents and grandparents, and sometimes my dollies and teddy's.  As I grew up I had some birthday money and I bought my very first Album it was Hounds of  Love, I still play it all the time I love that album so much and no other artist has ever done any…

Fairy Cakes/Butterfly Cakes Recipe.

These by far are my favorite cakes  they are light and fluffy and look very good too. They are my delicious Fairy Cakes as we call them in the UK.  I have heard them called Butterfly Cakes as well.
   I was privileged to have my recipe  used by  a chef in his restaurant in Italy who had never heard of them before and ate four of the one's I had made.

8 oz  self raising flour sifted
4 oz of softened  butter
6 oz caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 eggs beaten
3 fluid oz milk

half a pint of double cream
and some icing sugar to sprinkle

Method Heat oven to gas mark 4, line 12 paper cases in a bun tin, Place flour, butter,sugar, vanilla essence eggs and milk into a bowl and beat for two minutes with an electric mixer. Put about a teaspoon and a half of the  mixture carefully into the  paper cases, bake for about 15 mins on gas mark 4 or 180 degrees, make sure they are cooked by putting a skewer in the middle and it comes out clear,  let the cakes completely cool. whip your double cr…

Bye Bye August, Hello September.

Well my Birthday month August has well and truly  gone, and September has begun, School's have began this week and the weather is changing, woke up this morning to heavy rain which I haven't seen in quite a while and there is a distinct chill in the air. I think you can feel a change approaching were everyone has gone from holiday mood to organised mood, including myself I have a lot of changes coming up one of which is working on my blog and trying to take it forward. I  am trying to make it look more professional if that's the correct word and less amateurish even though I am an amateur, I have had a few messages from you dear readers saying you like it and keep up the good work which is encouraging, so I thank you for that.   lot's of love Mimi πŸ’‹

From and this to this.

                         Get to know me a bit better.
1.   What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a dancer, my Mother was a ball room dancer, and she taught both myself and my s…

I am on the lookout for...... New Trainers(sneakers)

I went for my usual  Power walk yesterday I did 3.2 Miles I  usually do this once a day when I can fit it in my legs are in great shape yippee, and  it clears my mind and helps me sleep better.  I walk at at fast pace  without  looking ridiculous,  but yesterday my trainers(sneakers) broke so I have been looking for new pair and have spotted these from   JD Williams  Heavenly Soles £20.00.  What do you think?                                                                                                                     

What I bought today ?

You know when you have your favorite bottle of expensive perfume sitting on your dressing table and it's about to run  out  you think oh my,  when is Christmas? and it's not my Birthday for ages, so I will have to buy it for myself.
    Because I love it so much I feel that way about Ghost Enchanted Bloom it's my favorite, it's  smells so nice and I love the bottle shape which for us ladies is important let me tell you.  Because it has to sit on my dressing table for a while.
  It's floral  scent that's not over powering and not sickly like some perfume's can be I can smell a little lemon in it as well to make it light and summery, I feel really nice and clean when I wear it that's how describe it. So I bought myself a bottle, I treated myself  so if your looking for a light fresh perfume I would give this one a go. £17.50  for 30ml from Fragrance Direct.    …