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Lovely Day and Fantasy Dinner Party Guest, Princess Diana.


                 21st August 2018                                     

         Woke up this morning,  boiling hot and with a headache, for some reason here in the U.K over night it must have gone up 10 degrees. I quickly got out of bed and pushed open the window's to try to let the non existing breeze in, then  got back into bed, today dear reader's I had a number of appointment's,  this week is going to be one of those weeks I think, you can  almost feel the holiday vibe of the last few weeks ending and it's becoming business as usual, I lay there thinking about this morning and what was going to be said, lets just say by 11 am all went well,  still a lot to think about though.  I had a bowl of soup for lunch just about cleaned up and some of my loved one's came  over to visit, and a surprise visitor which was unexpected,  I spoke to a friend just before tea, to arrange Birthday plans, for her Birthday on Thursday evening, they have all been sorted and we should be having a good time. I am sitting in my Garden at the moment having a lovely drink, it has been very hot today,  but with hot day's comes lovely evening's.      
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                                               Fantasy Dinner Guest....

           Here is the blogger bit, a friend suggested that I wrote about who I would invite if I could invite anybody dead or alive to a dinner party. So here goes,  I would invite Princess Diana, who else would you invite, She was so beautiful, kind and caring and such a good Mum,  and I bet a real good   laugh, I would ask her so many questions and what she  really thought about what happened to her on the night of 31st of August 1997, because we will never really know will we?    I like the fact she had a vulnerable side that she wasn't afraid to show and brought just for a little  while some stardust to the world, I would also ask her if she is proud of her son's and does she approve of there choice of wife's for her precious  boy's Kate and Meghan, sadly she and me will never ever have been on the same table together, but I was glad to have  seen  her once though,  just after she married  Prince Charles I was about nine I along with my school class waited to catch a glimpse of the new Princess I remember the head was down because she was so shy and her Blonde fringe was in front of her eyes, while The Prince made a speech, and I saw the side of her face with Prince Charles in the back of a posh black car. I can safely say I saw a real Princess when I was nine. I was so excited, and I have never forgotten it.



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Hi that is cool
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Thanks for your support X

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