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Happy Anniversary My Blog is 1 month old today.

17th August 2018.

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Hi all,  as the title says's my blog is a month old Yay,  time has gone by so fast I have really enjoyed writing for you all.  I started writing when I was in my  late teens, I read tons and tons of books when I was a teenager I used to get so lost in the words and languages of novel's, and even got carried away in fantasy land and imagine I was there in the story.  Over the years I have written bit's  and pieces, but time has gone on and life takes over( I am sure you all know what that is like), a few months ago I thought about starting a blog, I said to myself I can't, that's only for teenagers and people in there twenty's isn't it?   I had to give myself a good talking to and looked into it, I knew what I wanted to call it, a title I have had in my head for years, I did some research and thought I can do that, what have I got to lose, while I admit I am still very much a novice in the blogging world, I learn something new every single day.  Thank you for those who have stuck with me so far you are very kind, and join me into the future. 
   I have been told today that people are having trouble following me, the button doesn't seem to work, I will rectify that as soon as I can. love Mimi X

                                        What I Did Today.

  I had a nice relaxing day I was woken up early, and had a little lie in she says sarcastically, 20 mins later I was up and around, tidying and making beds, I had planned to make a Chicken Stew the night before and was determined to get it done in the morning, I was successful at that task and had a fragrant and simmering stew on the hob for 11am.  This afternoon I went for a lovely walk with my Sister and Niece  and her very big Puppy ( yes he is a puppy believe it or not)  my handsome Prince Barney Bear.  He is still being trained so he likes to pull, he is a very playful and intelligent dog  and I love him so much. The weather was quite windy today and colder than it should be for August, after all the heat we have been having it actually made a pleasant change,  we went for a walk in the woods  we could still smell the smoke from the forest fires that has been going on around us for weeks and still is burning, Barney's loved every minute of it,  his  little face intrigued by everything he saw and heard   around him, it was so nice to get of the house and have some exercise, after we arrived back  we warmed up the stew and had it with some crusty bread and butter just what we needed and Barney Bear thought so to.     
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