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Do you ever wish you were 18 again.

I sometimes look back at old photographs of myself, and  think what the hell was I complaining
about  I was such an uncomfortable young person  not a child anymore but not an adult either, I had short hair with a high quiff for a fringe, which I kept up with a whole bottle of Silverkrin hairspray that cost me 10 pence  from the indoor market in town,  I hated my hair it was dark and thick and stuck up if I didn't put a wet brush through it to calm it down, all I wanted to be is blonde, like Joanne from next door who had teenage boys salivating after her, fancy living in the shadow of that golden Princess there was I trailing after her, Oh look there is Joanne and her friend.   Joanne was a really nice person Bitch I thought in my head, no she was a really nice friend, honestly.  I was a trainee hairdresser at the time and worked very hard in a town center salon I loved my job and the people I worked with, I had a really nice time, I had finished with a boyfriend that I had from 15 and started going out with a 22 year old control freak, who hated my job, especially the men that came into the salon, he would often come in  to check on me particularly on Saturday's , that would ensue in a row every Saturday night. I think I have mentioned him in an older post on this blog, I dumped him after three month's.      I always thought I was fat, I must have been mad I was curvy and Mediterranean looking, my friends were all waifs because Kate Moss had just become famous and everyone wanted to be like her so I so didn't fit in at all I had boobs and a bum and I thought I was fat, compared with everyone else, no one ever called me that dirty three letter word, but I felt it all the time I kept looking in the mirror not because I was vain but because I was seeing what I hated about myself.  I did have a great family and good friends but you can have it all and still feel shit about yourself deep down, You at eighteen looking back impossible to be happy how can you be when you are still working out who the hell you are and in which direction your life  would go, I think I wouldn't like to be 18 again, but maybe I would for a week just to have a laugh with my teenage friend's and maybe change a few things around and I would say yes to some of the opportunities that I was not confident enough to take up, I wonder were my life would have taken me then I am not sure and I have a funny feeling I will never find out.

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  I have done a lot of reading on the subject  in the last week and have been surprised how many things I can do to help climate change I  have decided to adopt some if not all of them for myself, some I already have done without realising that I had.  Can you imagine if all of us do our bit for the planet we might be able to save so much of it for future generations. Here are my tips, can you help?

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This is Anna, my Grandmother, and I have chosen her as my Inspirational women for International Women's day 2019.    Anna, my Grandmother was born in April 1907 on the East Coast of Italy, in another time, and another place, long before I was even thought of.  I have chosen my Grandmother today  because she was a strong confident women who had a hard life with no money no decent home and sometimes no shoes on her feet as she used to tell me.  My Grandmother got married at 18 in Pink and had four daughter's the youngest of whom was my own Mother.  My Grandfather was a farmer/soldier and when the second world war broke out my Grandfather was in the war, my Nan as I always called her, was on her own in war torn Italy with four daughter ages ranging from 13 downwards to 6 years old,  if we think of poverty in our towns and cities today according to my Nan's  standards they where horrendously poor only eating what they could grow and what they could kill.  During the war for…

Dear Meghan A Letter To A Duchess.

Dedicated to  Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Dear Meghan,

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