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Dress like Meghan Markle, Black Tuxedo Dress.

Fashion Friday.
Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex, came back off  her Summer holiday's with Prince Harry, to a performance of Hamilton the musical she wore a Black Tuxedo dress I thought she looked stunning I have been looking around for two different style's of tuxedo dress that are affordable.

1 Black Gold Button Detail Blazer Dress by PrettyLittleThing. £30.00 Link Here meghan dress

2  Black Tassel Lace Hem Blazer Dress by Misguided £24.00 sale price.  Links is here

Do you ever wish you were 18 again.

I sometimes look back at old photographs of myself, and  think what the hell was I complaining
about  I was such an uncomfortable young person  not a child anymore but not an adult either, I had short hair with a high quiff for a fringe, which I kept up with a whole bottle of Silverkrin hairspray that cost me 10 pence  from the indoor market in town,  I hated my hair it was dark and thick and stuck up if I didn't put a wet brush through it to calm it down, all I wanted to be is blonde, like Joanne from next door who had teenage boys salivating after her, fancy living in the shadow of that golden Princess there was I trailing after her, Oh look there is Joanne and her friend. 
  Joanne was a really nice person "Bitch" I thought in my head, no she was a really nice friend, honestly.I was a trainee hairdresser at the time and worked very hard in a town center salon I loved my job and the people I worked with, I had a really nice time, I had finished with a boyfriend that …

Home Baked Fruit Scones

28th August 2018 Makes 8-10 Scones 
8 oz self-raising flour a pinch of salt 1 1/2 oz margarine or butter 1 1/2 oz dried fruit or glace cherries if you prefer 1 oz caster sugar just under 1/4 pint of milk a little milk for glaze.

Sift the flour and salt into a mixing  bowl, rub the fat into the flour till it resembles breadcrumbs, stir in the dried fruit or cherries which ever you are using or leave plain if your prefer. Then add the caster sugar stir with a blunt knife till evenly distributed.  Mix enough milk in to the dry mixture to bind ingredients together  make sure it's a soft but not sticky dough, lightly flour a work surface, roll out the dough to about 1/2 an inch thickness, using a 2 1/4 inch  cutter press out a scone,  dip your cutter into flour and press out another and so on and so on.... lay them on a greased baking tray brush the tops with a little milk and bake them in an oven on the center shelf  gas mark 7  for about 10 minutes until they are golden.  Cool the s…

Shall I start to post recipes I am not sure.

27th August 2018

                Friend's and Family have said because I am a life style blogger I should be posting recipes idea's, I am not so sure I have been cooking since I was five, when my Mother put me on an ancient stool and with her Motherly hand's taught me how to fry an egg, I have had comment's  from people who know me best  "are you mad you should include food in you blog" I am not sure in which direction  I want my Blog to go, I have only just started and while I have let you dear readers let you see snippet's of my life I wanted to write good content< is a recipes good content? other's do it on there Blog's do I want to on mine.  I love cooking, my Uncle once remarked that I sung in the kitchen while I cooked highly embarrassing for me amusing for them. In the above photo are my secret treasure's the yellow book is a recipes that was given to me when I was eleven as you can …

My Niece's Birthday Party, and What The Hell Has Happend To My Hair

27th August 2018.
          Happy Monday to you all, I have had a very good weekend hope you all did to. My beloved niece turned 19 and I went to her Birthday party and caught up with my lovely family and friends, we had a very nice time, I cannot believe  my niece has turned 19 I remember when we were singing twinkle twinkle little star in the car going to the seaside.   and now she is an adult going out into the world.  The saying is right,  time really does fly. 

                                   What the hell has happened  to my hair.
It's now the end of the Summer and  I have at the minute the most driest hair you will ever imagine, what the hell has happened  to it, it has been so hot and humid this year that is has taken it's toll on my  usually well behaved locks,  I have a conditioner  that I usually use but it's not doing the trick it's not bad when I first wash it, but the next day I wake up looking like th…

T.V Review, Age Before Beauty BBC 1. And What have I Been Up To.

22nd August 2018
A couple of weeks ago I stumbled on this little gem on BBC 1, Age Before Beauty, Tuesday's 9.00 pm, I binged watched the first two episodes on BBC i player in one weekend and had decided to stick with it, It's about a beauty parlor the main character  Bel played by Polly Walker comes back to work at the salon years after leaving, she is brought back to revive it after her jealous sister almost  runs it  into the ground the main plot is that Bel's husband starts to have an affair with  a younger attractive  women the plot has many twist's and turns at first I thought it wouldn't be very good, and that's why it was shoved into the Summer slot when everyone is on holiday but I have been very pleasantly surprised  and now am hooked I will watch  episode 4 after finishing posting here feet up after another very busy day.  Catch this if you can episode five is on next Tuesday or catch up with BBC i player…

Lovely Day and Fantasy Dinner Party Guest, Princess Diana.

21st August 2018                                     

         Woke up this morning,  boiling hot and with a headache, for some reason here in the U.K over night it must have gone up 10 degrees. I quickly got out of bed and pushed open the window's to try to let the non existing breeze in, then  got back into bed, today dear reader's I had a number of appointment's,  this week is going to be one of those weeks I think, you can  almost feel the holiday vibe of the last few weeks ending and it's becoming business as usual, I lay there thinking about this morning and what was going to be said, lets just say by 11 am all went well,  still a lot to think about though.  I had a bowl of soup for lunch just about cleaned up and some of my loved one's came  over to visit, and a surprise visitor which was unexpected,  I spoke to a friend just before tea, to arrange Birthday plans, for her Birthday on Thursday evening, they have all been sorted and we should…

I Found A Coat I Love Shall I Buy It Now?

20th August 2018

      Yes as my title says I have actually found a coat I love shall I buy it now? I have been looking for a coat for the Autumn  and have been looking around mainly online, I want a coat that is not to expensive warm because Winter's in the UK can get cold and a nice colour,  more importantly one that doesn't make me look like the Michelin man on a bad day. I have found the perfect one in one of my favorite online store's Asda George,  I love the deep plum colour  perfect for Autumn days and I want a hood, because I love to walk outside. I love the fur trim and it's reversible and a bargain at £45.00, to buy or not to buy that is the question? Here's the link,default,pd.html