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Shock, Over 40 single and no kids, what's wrong with you?

31st July 2018
                                Shock, Over 40 single and no kids, what's wrong with you?
                                                 I am 45 next week, and while I am turning another year older, I am well into middle age while I feel sixteen in my head, sometimes I have to remind myself I am not.  I am single, shock horror and childless even worse, people sometimes look at me like there is something wrong with me, I don't have two heads and and last time I checked no horns are sticking out, others pity me, secretly thinking "there must be something wrong with her",  I am neither single or childless by choice, it's just worked out like that ,  I didn't plan it that way, I was,  out of all my friends voted the first one  of us to get married and have kids, looking back now I think how wrong our teenage selves were  I don't know why but my life has not turned out the way I wanted it, funny that.                                      …
30th July 2018
                              Letter to my teenage self.
                                           Hi,  Why are you so shy, I know you are capable of so much more, stop thinking that, you are too fat, not pretty enough and not clever enough, you can put your hand up in class, they won't laugh at you and think you are stupid, you do know the answer, just say it, you are not as thick as you think.                                           Your family love you so much, and yet you cannot love yourself, why don't you just try and be brave.  Don't listen to the people who look down on you and tell you, you can't.                                        When you grow up you will realize, that they are no better than you, and everyone has the same  fears as you. Enjoy your teenage years,  you will never get them back.                                                          love from Mimi.💗                                        …

Pasta, Perfume and Pissed Off

28th July 2018.
                                       Pasta, Perfume, and Pissed Off.
                                                      Woke up this morning, could here the rain outside my open window, it was 6.30 am it was so much cooler outside. thought today was going to be a good calm day, that I so needed, I got up and decided to cook I made some Meatballs  and Pasta sauce enough to feed an army, I thought I had done a really good job and was very proud of myself , I decided to sit down with a cup of tea, and catch up with some messages, I had one from someone who is a bit of an know it all, I would love to know why people think they can comment on stuff, that they know absolutely nothing about, I am afraid I had to show her up a bit (I usually let things go), but I couldn't this time, I am afraid to say I put her in her place. I wasn't nasty, she just got the message.                                                          …

Heatwave, 31 degrees, we are melting.

27th July 2018                                                     Massive heatwave, 31 degrees. We are Melting!

                                          The massive heatwave, is continuing, all over Europe, here in the UK it's boiling, it can get hot here in the summer month's our houses are not made for heat we have carpets, double glazing and, insulation to keep the warmth in, I'm  not bad in the heat but anything over 25 degrees I start to feel it, there are wild fires in Greece and Sweden and we have quite a big one down the road from from were I live as I write the smell of smoke is coming in from my very open window, I have the fan blasting me thank God I bought another one from Amazon a couple of weeks ago, I have been freezing small bottles of water, and carrying them around with me, a really good tip.                                           Please please please cool down so we can all get some sleep, I wouldn't mind …

Catfishing the Catfisher.

24th July 2018                                      Catfishing the Catfisher.
                                       Hi all, I have had an interesting couple of days, Someone wanted to be my friend on Facebook, I said yes because he was a mutual friend of someone close to me, He seemed genuine  for about 5 seconds, he wanted to be my boyfriend(yeah right) he said he was 25, and was into older women, Yeah Yeah yeah boring. But when I looked at his profile he was a manager in a cafe in 2001, he would have been 7.  I was very busy over two days and he kept texting me asking me why I was not replying to his  messages quickly, ( I have a life). So I did something very naughty I told him I was busy with my lover, he said he would leave me alone if I wasn't single, so I said, It's OK I could have more that one lover he wouldn't mind, the idiot believed me.                                                                        I kept this goin…

Hello, Mimi here.

Hi, I have decided to start my very own Blog let me introduce myself my name is Mimi, and I am about to Blog, I will be Blogging about mainly the things I see around me, I am not a young Blogger, but there is far to many of them anyway He He He, so I thought one of the older ones should give it a go.  What the hell have I got to loose I hope you enjoy my content. So here goes..........

The world cup has finished Hurrah, can we get back to normal programming PLEASE,  So looking forward to a bit of Corrie what do I see The Voice Kids NOOOOOO. Not again stop moving Coronation Street around.  
                             I did see something really good on BBC2 the other night Picnic at Hanging Rock, I loved it I was  Fan of the original Film from the 70's (no I'm not that old) I thought the acting was really  good, the scenery was spookely beautiful, and it had the right atmosphere, I would highly recommend it. Can't wait for this weeks episode.